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This makes me sad. His contribution to bringing realism to first person shooters will always be remembered.


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Weirdly, I never knew I wanted the clamshell design so badly until they took it away. So it's basically not portable cause you can't throw it into a bag or your pants pocket.

For what it's worth, I'm taking a guess that it's a pretty thin device, like a tablet. It still looks incredibly poorly designed though, on first impression.

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I also see parallels in auto racing where multiple members of racing teams compete in the same race. Anyone more familiar with auto racing know if they employ similar rules there?

It's true with auto racing - teams will purposely order team members to do things like force opposing teams into situations so they don't get points for the manufacturer's championship, or they will purposely allow team members to pass favorably so they can get more points to manipulate the point rankings.

But to be fair, I'm not 100% sold that this kind of team play is entirely in the spirit of these fighting game competitions because it allows so much more room for manipulation.

I also agree pot-splitting can be done "amicably" for the reasons of community friendliness (who are we to judge if someone does this out of good/generosity), but you have to admit it looks really shady.

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I went to the mall yesterday and I heard some ultra-nerd dork shout, YO I NEED THAT NEW TOMB RAIDER HER BOOBS ARE ROUND AND NOT TRIANGLES ANYMORE.

I hate people who play video games.

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I think Phil Fish suffers from classic Female hysteria.

It's a joke! Chill out!

Someone's been listening to Justin McElroy's latest podcasts. :D

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@itwastuesday said:

@grandharrier said:

Remember, friends, this is the guy who is famous for this. He doesn't understand the concept of tact. He is just mean.

He certainly doesn't subscribe to the concept of tact, though I'm sure he understands it. Is it the same thing as being mean? I'm not sure, but he certainly speaks his mind. You can always know, when you hear Phil Fish talk, that he's saying exactly what he means.

I think it's also fair to say that this video is referenced FAR TOO MUCH without context, if only for the first minute of the video, up to the point where Phil Fish says "they suck".

While yes, Phil Fish was crass about it in his opening dialogue about what the panel thinks about Japanese games, the general consensus of the entire table (largely voiced and agreed upon by Jonathan Blow) by the end of the video is that yes, they all believed that Japanese games were relatively bad with few minor exceptions.

Yes, Phil Fish took the heat for his comments, and eventually apologized for them. But it doesn't mean his opinion is invalid, if only to be understood through the full context of that video of the panel.

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