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Disappointment. 8

I love system shock 2 and I used to be a major thief fan as well, but Ken Levine has let me and other fans down by taking infinite's lazy route. By lazy, I don't mean that he and his company didn't work hard at all, I'm sure they did in many regards, but overall the product they chose to create was not original in the least. The game is a disappointment. It was hyped so much that in the end it just shatters before succeeding in what it is trying to do. Bioshock 1 was a lot better than this.De...

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The best GOW game yet!!!! It is SPECTACULAR IN EVERY WAY!!!! 0

This game is everything I have expected for it to be; brutal and spectacular! This is the most refined GOW game yet (YES EVEN BETTER THAN GOW3), with great combat additions, great variety on the scenery, nice puzzles and great pacing making this game an outstanding experience. It may be not as epic as GOW3, but that is because of it being a prequel, so Kratos cant fight a Titan or other things like that, but still it is freaking epic and ultra fun to play due to the whole amazing package the gam...

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This game is an utter dissapointment 1

Gameplay: Considering how DMC3 and DMC4 the gameplay in this one rather simple, shallow and a bit annoying. First of all the stances do not work really well. It breaks the combat fluidity, and the fact that you have to change stances each time a blue or red enemy shows is quite annoying. You should be able to defeat each enemy as you want to as long as you dodge and attack at the right time. You have a variety of weapons, but most are useless so will end up using the axe. And the fac...

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Every RE fan must play it 0

**Before hating, read it whole and / or play it for yourself**A new Resident Evil game is here, and that means that fanatics of 16 years old gameplay are hating it .....again. As they say, haters gonna hate.STORYRE6 is here, almost 3 years after RE5, and a new Biological Hazard is at hand. You may be wondering who are the bad guys this time, (considering that almost every important bad guy in the mythos has been *defeated*) but all I can say is that it looks like they were the bad guys since the...

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If you enjoy FPS and have a PSVITA, it is a must buy 0

This is my second review of a game, and I am doing it because of the harsh reviews the game is getting from some web sites.The game is a bit different of what you might expect from a Resistance game, due to the change of developers (just like with Resistance: Retribution); but the game has new twists to the core formula of Resistance gameplay, maintaining it fresh and compelling, and, most importantly, fun.Gameplay: Speaking about the FPS mechanics, they are your standard thing, you can crouch, ...

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This game is AWESOME 0

I really don't get why the game is getting not so good scores. It has beautiful graphics, a nice story, and uniquely entertaining gameplay. An yet when the same "·$ing FPS is released year after year after year they rated it with at least an 8.5 ¬_¬.Enough with the rant, now I will begin reviewing the game :)Graphics: The animations are superb. It is as if the game was running 120fps, it is so damn fluid. All the animations like walking, running, kicking, falling are amazingly done. The game has...

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