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spine crawler
spore crawler
i like rts games, looking forward to SC2's custom maps made by community
but real games are fun too, but i play them like an old granny, i wish they wouldn't have confusing units

what i really wish for is  that they configure the buttons to map the keyboard from Q to T, A to G, Z to B

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pre-ordered this for 10$
SOOOO worth it ... 20$ was some big chunk of money for such game, but 10$ is the magic number

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the brother comes out of the room, just as the angry kid comes in .... wtf, like if no brother will bother asking the other one what he was doing in there

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oblivion pissed me off, because i wasn't that much into RPG at the time so i sold it
... now it's so cheap ... hard to resist lol, i just bought guild wars, i think i have enough games to play until i buy a new laptop and play far cry 2 that i bought and never played ... crysis as well, starting fallout 3 all over, and finally playing the witcher which i bought after removing the pirated version and never fully played ... yeah i got enough games, i just need my laptop, so let's go asus or gateway, bring out the goods

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i better liked the kotaku post about this
comparing the game to crysis

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showing that developing for ps3 and porting to 360 is easier
this was being said a lot more 1 year ago ... nobody talks about that anymore

don't fanboy flame me, it's facts

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didn't you already posted this ... 2 times ?!

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my wii has been shut for so long, i even forget i have one sometimes
i wonder if i'll play The Conduit .... as of now, i probably won't just because it's on the wii

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" Ubisoft wins WORST conference of the day! "
Fully agreed. "
Third-ed "
n'thed. Everyone needs to quote this and agree. "
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