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Holy shit. You'll be missed, man.

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I watched Fast 6 last night without seeing any of the previous five movies for context, and had a hell of a time. That move is so ridiculous that I feel going into it without context was even better.

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When the world ends, there will be two things: Cockroaches, and Bombcasts

Holy crap this is so cool. I've been taking graphic design classes at school for a while but can never seem to make anything this good looking, I'm super jealous.

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Oh my god the music for the secret stage had me in tears. So damn funny.

I had to pause for a second to regain my composure while playing that stage.

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I was super-pissed when I reached Olmec, killed him for the first time and then realized I was unable to exit the level because he destroyed the blocks underneath the door. I spent a good 25 minutes trying to exit that door to no avail. I don't know if the game not creating its own platform under the door was a glitch or if it's intentional on stage 4-4.

I vowed to beat the game without using shortcuts, although I unlocked all of them. It took me 1187 attempts but I did it. Now to get to the City of Gold and to beat Hell...

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I'm really glad you put that beard cage video in this article. Gets me every time.

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Random PC Game: Phantasmagoria

I bought my premium membership to watch this video. It's too good.

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@Ravenlight: Good to know. Thanks.

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@Ravenlight: Oops, there were a few typos in that post. I meant to say that I've listened to the podcasts already and have heard the spoilers they talked about. Is there enough worthwhile content to play even knowing many of the 'major' events that occur in that game?

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I'm planning on buying Hotline Miami on steam for the mac port, and am on the fence about The Walking Dead.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and listened to the GOTY podcasts and heard them spoil some major plot points in TWD, so I've been contemplating if it's even worth buying at this point; even if it's only 10 dollars. Do you guys think it's still worth it?