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I was wondering if Nintendo ever released a cd or MP3s of KK Slider's music that I could obtain legally. A google search doesn't seem to suggest that, but I'd rather not individually rip them all from youtube.

Otherwise, does anyone know a good way to obtain this music or is youtube my best option aside from digging through a rom?

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Hmm, that's weird. I'm ususlly okay whenever I stream from my Roku. Did you link your account for the premium/hd videos? Even if you already have check again by trying to play a premium video. Once my Roku de-linked my account for some reason and I had to re-link it.

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Played a ton of this when it first came out, but was super bummed that all the achievements on the mac version were screwed up and even though I completed some of them I never received them. Super pumped to play this on PS4.

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Bulletstorm. Playing it on the highest difficulty ruined the gameplay for me. Normal was perfect because it was a great balance of being able to experiment with the kills but it wasn't a cakewalk. Hard mode just turned it into a regular cover shooter because it was so easy to die out in the open.

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Holy shit this comes out on the 7th? I had no idea. I'm super excited but will probably wait until it comes to PS4. That can't be too far off, right? I don't see them missing a Halloween release.

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Sorry for your loss, Jeff. Thanks for doing what you do.

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Holy shit. You'll be missed, man.

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I watched Fast 6 last night without seeing any of the previous five movies for context, and had a hell of a time. That move is so ridiculous that I feel going into it without context was even better.

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@conmused said:

When the world ends, there will be two things: Cockroaches, and Bombcasts

Holy crap this is so cool. I've been taking graphic design classes at school for a while but can never seem to make anything this good looking, I'm super jealous.

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Oh my god the music for the secret stage had me in tears. So damn funny.

I had to pause for a second to regain my composure while playing that stage.