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Gunman Clive? More like FUNman Clive. 0

Gunman Clive is a game that knows exactly what it's trying to be. The trailer for the game says as much: It's a generic action platformer, but even though it's remeniscent of Mega Man, it's art style and level design make it just unique enough to recommend. Especially for only $2.When you start a new game you can choose to play as either Gunman Clive or as Ms. Johnson. Depending on which of the two you select the other is kidnapped by generic cowboy/bandit facsimiles. And then you shoot them. Yo...

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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Review 0

   I need to start by saying that I'm biased. I'm a hardcore Metal Gear fan past the point of mere obsession. I literally fantasize about being Big Boss. I listen to the MGS series soundtrack on my iPod and see myself, as Snake, doing ridiculous things. I walk around doing a bad impression of Snake's voice all the time. I could go on for a while about how into this franchise I am but that wouldn't exactly be reviewing the game. So now that that's out of the way I'd like to say that Metal Gear So...

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