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Well i have 1100 coins sitting around and I was debating getting that t-shirt. Guess i might as well now.

Edit: Oh I take that back they're adding a bunch of stuff in february.

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Even youtube allows nudity for artistic purposes.

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OH you mean that service that has managed to lose my save games twice with updates? Yeah I sure love that service!

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You mean I can't just sit around donating to girls with super low cut tops whose cam takes up 80% of the screen anymore?

I thought this was america?

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$350 White Kinect-less xbox one that comes with sunset overdrive?

Don't mind if I do.

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The only reason black bars existed was because you had a widescreen DVD playing on your CRT, or a regular dvd playing on your 1080p tv.

Not since blu-ray became the new standard have I seen black bar. Hell I even stretch or zoom a tv channel if I have to.

I unlocked the framerate and aspect ratio because I'm playing a video game, not a movie.

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The only reason I knew about the first one was because of this site, but the way things are going I don't think there's going to be any coverage. It's a shame because this one is better than the first in every way except for the fact that pure fist characters don't exist anymore.

But if youve stumbled upon this thread and like the first one you should get it because there is so much more content in this one it's amazing. This will probably be my GOTY and it makes me sad that hardly anyone will play it

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@bradbrains: I know I literally said that in my post. I know where it started. That doesn't change anything else I said.

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@milkman: That ridiculous comic you posted.