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The only reason black bars existed was because you had a widescreen DVD playing on your CRT, or a regular dvd playing on your 1080p tv.

Not since blu-ray became the new standard have I seen black bar. Hell I even stretch or zoom a tv channel if I have to.

I unlocked the framerate and aspect ratio because I'm playing a video game, not a movie.

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The only reason I knew about the first one was because of this site, but the way things are going I don't think there's going to be any coverage. It's a shame because this one is better than the first in every way except for the fact that pure fist characters don't exist anymore.

But if youve stumbled upon this thread and like the first one you should get it because there is so much more content in this one it's amazing. This will probably be my GOTY and it makes me sad that hardly anyone will play it

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@bradbrains: I know I literally said that in my post. I know where it started. That doesn't change anything else I said.

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@milkman: That ridiculous comic you posted.

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@bradbrains: So lets just ignore everything I said and say "it was never positive".

Her ex boyfriend exposed her for sleeping with an industry figure who promoted her game. This was later debuked and shown that they had no real correlation.

But it did open a massive can of worms once people started digging around, things like in my post which you completely ignored. At one point this was about ethics, but now it's just been deflected time and time again and tied to the scummiest of people.

I was at one point a supporter of gamergate, but what this whole situation has turned into is nothing short of an absolute cluster-fuck.

But if there's one thing you can't say, is that it was never supposed to be a positive thing.

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@strohfist: Or how about "I don't think anyone should be threatened"

@milkman: Literally not a single person here supports death threats and verbal harassment of any kind to anyone

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@cptpanda29: Gamegate startd over ethics in journalism and has been twisted and tied to every crazy person and asshole throwing death threats on twitter towards women in the gaming industry. It was about zoe quinn getting positive coverage for sex (which has been mostly debunked), her shutting down a competing game jam for female developers (where she received no profits) to promote her own through industry contacts. It was about IGF rigging what games won and a bunch of other instances of corruption that have been buried buy crazy assholes like this guy diverting attention.

A bunch of publishers put out basically the same article on the same day talking about "death of a gamer" and labeling everyone as misogynists. Then a bunch of losers started poising the well by sending death threats to women in the industry and that is the only thing the gaming press has latched on to.

This situation has spiraled out of control and turned into something that doesn't at all resemble what it was in the first place.

I just wish this whole thing would die already.

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I don't see how this person is in any way related to gamer gate. He's just a hate-filled crazy person who hates feminists.

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@legion_: Yeah lets just start a whole new movement that will totally get as much traction as this one. How is this not a perfect example of one rotten apple spoiling the bunch. Maybe read up a little bit past crazy assholes tweeting death threats.