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I don't even know why the term gamer exists. When I hear the term gamer I think of some 12 year old playing halo and call of duty.

I don't consider myself a "booker" or a "movier".

I've only ever been called a gamer maybe a handful of times in my short 23 year lifespan, but everytime I cringed internally.

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Being primarily a PC gamer the only reason I go out to buy a game is because it's a console exclusive and it's a 50gb download.

If I had an unlimited bandwidth cap, I'd never buy a physical copy of a game again.

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I didn't realise new speedrunner times qualified as news now...

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I know the point of kids reacting is for them to be kids, but holy shit that black girl made me cringe

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So it worked fine in incognito and other browsers. So I cleared my cache and that hasn't seemed to change anything.

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I use chrome and windows 7 sp 1

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So I tried googling this problem and looking in these forums, but I haven't seen anything. Whenever I try to edit one of my posts, the text box at the bottom of the screen just has nothing in it. I can write it in, but it doesn't matter because it never saves what I write. My original message always stays the same. I just have to delete my posts and re-submit them, but it's still kind of annoying. This has been happening for about two months now

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I'm graduating from college next month with a journalism degree...so me?