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@revolve: Well if you look at bayo 2 reviews, everyone gives it oodles of praise for being a mechanically deep and fun action game, but then there's polygon marking it down because they think the absurdly over-the-top character is too over-the-top for them in a very specific way.

This is the thing that bothers me because instead of looking at a game based on it's gameplay, you bring in your own assumptions on what the character is, and start seeing things that may or may no really there. This is why I tend to disagree with a lot of anita's tropes vs. women videos.

I am all for anyone making games. Any kind of person. You want to make a game and I'll probably want to play it.

But if this attitude becomes popular at more media outlets, then you have developers who can't make a game a certain way because of scores. As much as I wish it didn't, scores mean sales and bonuses for the devs. This kind of thing is a slippery slope to censoring absurd and parody characters, like Bayonetta or GTA protagonists, and stopping people from making the games that they want to.

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You know I always dismissed this kind of stuff as a very vocal minority who would never actually act upon anything, but that shit would get under my skin too. It's a shame stuff like this happens because I think there is legitimate discussion about the events of the past month and a bit but it's always going to get buried by people like this.

EDIT: Also I don't understand why people say the Zoe Quinn accusations were without merit because Stephen Totillo himself said her and Nathan became romantically involved.

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Well I got one at launch and I've been thinking about getting a new one, glad I waited. If they released a bundle with the new pokemon games that was also red or blue I'd buy it in a second.

Though I doubt it'll be out here by then -- a man can dream

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I don't even know why the term gamer exists. When I hear the term gamer I think of some 12 year old playing halo and call of duty.

I don't consider myself a "booker" or a "movier".

I've only ever been called a gamer maybe a handful of times in my short 23 year lifespan, but everytime I cringed internally.

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Being primarily a PC gamer the only reason I go out to buy a game is because it's a console exclusive and it's a 50gb download.

If I had an unlimited bandwidth cap, I'd never buy a physical copy of a game again.

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I didn't realise new speedrunner times qualified as news now...

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I know the point of kids reacting is for them to be kids, but holy shit that black girl made me cringe

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So it worked fine in incognito and other browsers. So I cleared my cache and that hasn't seemed to change anything.

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I use chrome and windows 7 sp 1