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About the same time I got pubes.

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I have an XL and i still can't tell what the hell is going on. The jumping also seems less responsive with the circle pad.

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If Gwen Stefani supports this, it must be legit.

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I played Halo 2 with a guy named Kotexwithwings. When I told him that his name was funny, he responded with "Yeah I'm a bloody mess."

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It sounds like moisture on the brake pads. Is the car kept outside? Even the cars I store inside will do this when i start them up.

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I have a horrible diet, so I am usually pissing out my A-hole.

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Dancer in the Dark and Breaking the Waves. They were both made by the same guy. They are the most uncomfortable movies I have ever watched.

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sign me up

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You should watch the movie Zero Charisma. That guy is great at dealing with rejection.

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I added a few of you guys so here is my friend code 3823-8536-8997. Beware, I suck at this game.