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I requested for NA East. I'm HelicopterSpy on 360. Thanks guys!

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I really wish they had found a way to contextualize this stuff in game. I think it would go a long way towards helping Bungie's case for why one would want to spend 10 years in this universe.

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Man, the load times on the finished product are terrible. Maybe its disc vs digital. But man.

Also, not really feeling it since I keep getting disconnected from the server. I got disconnected before even getting through the opening cinematic.

Weird, I am on PS3 digital and they seem just fine

Playing the digital PS3 version as well and can confirm load times have been fantastic for the most part.

Been playing the game since getting home from school and I've been having an absolute blast with it. Probably helps that I largely ignored all the hype leading up to release so I didn't really have any expectations for the game going in.

I've been on 360 digital and they've been long, but hardly unacceptable. It's weird, I don't notice load times since I got an iphone.

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I'm 27 myself, and I know the feeling of being the only one of my friends truly dedicated to the real american pastime: video games. I've been with my girlfriend for 6 years and she has almost no interest in games. She likes doing goofy shit in Mortal Kombat and that's about it. I told her how to throw Scorpion's spear and she was tickled pink. She writes for xoVain, a makeup site, which I don't care about at all for obvious reasons. Foundation makes my beard all wonky. But games are for when I want to unwind. Same with just netflixing an entire run of a TV show, or watching super weird foreign art films. It's cool to have interests to yourself.

For me, games have always been a solo experience. Even multiplayer games, I never really grouped up with my friends. Most of my friends still play games at least a little. We'll drink and talk about games all the time, but it's the same way we talk about movies and music and really any pop culture. We all like these things, but we like them in our own way. Games, like other pop culture, have always been a way for me to enjoy alone time. Everyone says Destiny is best with friends, but fuck my friends. If I wanted to hang out with them, we'd be at a bar or just hanging out or whatever. I'm not the type of person who wants to hang out online. I play a lot of League. With strangers. Almost exclusively. I play a lot of Diablo 3... also alone. It's cool. I love these games despite the fact that I'm doing it by myself. Enjoy single player. It's a great thing. Get way into podcasts or audiobooks.

What I'm saying is video games are cool, we all know this because we're taking the time to post on a message board on an out of the way site about video games. I know you love them. Don't feel bad about the way you love them. You could have no one in your life at all and you turn to video games for refuge (I've felt that way!) and posted on message boards about how it seems crummy (I've posted on a lot of message boards, mostly Weezer related, I feel like I probably knew young Patrick Klepek) but whatever man. Games are good solo, they're good with friends. Any game that's only good in one of those ways sucks and you should stop playing it.

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I've been playing a bunch on my own. I love it so far. The story is bunk, the loot's not great and as a warlock I really wanted to be casting more spells. I don;t really know why but I really like it

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An interesting overview of the situation up to yesterday morning.

I can't help but wonder if the cop standing at the barricades yelling at the mob to bring it have watched a few too many action movies, and possibly got his shield in a box of corn flakes. Jesus christ.

John Oliver is a damned hero. Police everywhere are militarized, not just in the cities he mentioned. I found this picture of my own police department from a few years ago, when they acquired an armored personnel carrier. That's the entire police force. They can barely fill the damned thing. They lovingly call it "Our tank"

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I think it was a quicklook of the Titanfall beta where they got into a game with a guy named "JOEY SWEARWORDS" which is just about the best.

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@hunter5024: The main difference in this case is the lack of answers. Police have refused to give much detail in the shooting, not just the name of the police officer, but also the circumstances that led to the shooting (Why was Brown stopped? What caused the situation to escalate? How many times was Brown shot?). The case you're talking about in NYC was horrific, to be sure, but answers were given (begrudgingly).

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Welp. I made an account on EUW because you seem like cool guys I'd wanna play with. I live on the east coast of the US, so the ping is actually almost identical to the NA server, maybe 10-15 ms higher, but I've somehow gotten fairly used to a 100 ms ping. It's weird to be summoner level 3 again. I know you don't like having to take flash, but damnit, I want my flash now! I only have the free champs for now, but lemme know if you're up for some games.

I'm HashtagXtraGravy on EUW

Over on NA, I'm Helicopterspy

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@extomar: League uses Adobe Air for their launcher/client and is actual garbage. The game runs as a separate executable though. Riot has said on a few occasions that they know their game code isn't the best, most of it was programmed when they were a tiny start up rather than the 800+ person company they are today, but they're working on it.