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Pikmin 3

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It definitely looks like they need to add an option to adjust your seat so you can raise/lower your view a little.

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That explains the mystery e-mail this morning.

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I still buy physical copies for console games (for now) and almost 100% Steam for PC, but since a lot of console games require large day one patches to function properly, DLC to download, and have content locked behind online activation codes, I don't really consider them the same as my cartridges for older systems. They are just a partial install disk to save me Internet bandwidth. I just don't see myself having nostalgia for a glorified activation code.

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Greenmangaming has it for $31.50 with the discount code (QZSS7N-M1YDMG-F9LFFQ).

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I finished it when it came out a few years ago, but it was usually an hour at a time. After an hour I would run into another room, turn on all the lights and think happy thoughts.

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I would keep it as is. Am I the only person that wants a quirky console that will eventually have a handful of exclusive Nintendo games? I love that Nintendo is oblivious to the Internet and social media. We already have PC and 4 consoles that harass us to post it to Facebook, upload it to Youtube and pointlessly tweet out our game scores. I want to turn on my Nintendo and play some Nintendo games with my friends at my house without dealing with extra non-gaming related bullshit.

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I think last generation had a bigger impact at launch because most people were upgrading to huge HD televisions at the same time.

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@butler: I watched Twin Peaks for the first time a couple years ago, and it is the reason why I now drink coffee everyday.

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I enjoyed Heavy Rain and (most of) Indigo Prophecy, but I will probably wait until it's around $40 to pick it up. I don't agree with David Cage and him thinking the future of games is just turning them into slightly interactive movies, but I don't mind this type of game occasionally. I'm also a little disappointed that this one doesn't support the Move controller. Heavy Rain was one of the few games where motion controls actually made it better.