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That explains the mystery e-mail this morning.

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I still buy physical copies for console games (for now) and almost 100% Steam for PC, but since a lot of console games require large day one patches to function properly, DLC to download, and have content locked behind online activation codes, I don't really consider them the same as my cartridges for older systems. They are just a partial install disk to save me Internet bandwidth. I just don't see myself having nostalgia for a glorified activation code.

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Greenmangaming has it for $31.50 with the discount code (QZSS7N-M1YDMG-F9LFFQ).

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I finished it when it came out a few years ago, but it was usually an hour at a time. After an hour I would run into another room, turn on all the lights and think happy thoughts.

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I would keep it as is. Am I the only person that wants a quirky console that will eventually have a handful of exclusive Nintendo games? I love that Nintendo is oblivious to the Internet and social media. We already have PC and 4 consoles that harass us to post it to Facebook, upload it to Youtube and pointlessly tweet out our game scores. I want to turn on my Nintendo and play some Nintendo games with my friends at my house without dealing with extra non-gaming related bullshit.

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I think last generation had a bigger impact at launch because most people were upgrading to huge HD televisions at the same time.

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@butler: I watched Twin Peaks for the first time a couple years ago, and it is the reason why I now drink coffee everyday.

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I enjoyed Heavy Rain and (most of) Indigo Prophecy, but I will probably wait until it's around $40 to pick it up. I don't agree with David Cage and him thinking the future of games is just turning them into slightly interactive movies, but I don't mind this type of game occasionally. I'm also a little disappointed that this one doesn't support the Move controller. Heavy Rain was one of the few games where motion controls actually made it better.

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This sites been a godsend for me for a while. All too often I'm playing a game and thinking "Uugh...is this over yet?" and HLTB gives me a good idea.

I do the same thing. If I'm bored of a game and HLTB tells me it's only a couple more hours to go, I usually push on. Sometimes I look and realize it's another 25 hours and just abandon ship.

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It's not as good as The Simpsons was in it's prime, but I will agree it has similarities. It's still adult, but without trying to be totally random or offensive like Family Guy and Archer (not that they offend me, they just try too hard lately and end up lame).