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Release the video Brad. The world wants to see the truth.

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So long as we all remember him Ryan will live on through all of us.

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Pour one out for Ryan Davis.

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It would be too painfull watching vinnie and dave try to get into orbit.

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Search for the "technic pack". It's pre-modded minecraft executible. iIt has industrialcraft along with other mods to choose from. It's the easiest rout to take to play Industrialcraft, however the other mods make it a little much to take in at first. I suggest searching for a tutorial or somthing on youtube if you have any trouble.

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I'm planning on running a minecraft sever for my school, however i'm running it off an old PC of mine and am not sure what kind of traffic it can handle. I'd like some people to come on so i could see how the sever holds up.


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YA! I just got back into track mania after not playing for a month and i was pissed that i couldn't pick a song. How can I race without listening to Jurrasic park dubstep every dozen tracks. Jeff, you have to fix this.

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Do you people think the Onion is real news too?

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm living in a tiny college dorm. I'd love to get a desk top but i barely have any room under my desk as it is, and no good place to put a moniter that wouldn't be six inches in front of my face.