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That seems about right.

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thabigred said:
"I am now ordering this, where can I buy this?"
There's a link on the front page; above the Bombcast thing.
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deerpoob said:
"no up here in Canada we don't use the colour system (yes that is spelled correctly.)  we use animals, so that man would be yelling "Code....*looks at chart* Beaver code Beaver!"  we Canadians also are very cliche...."
Beaver code Beaver? Are you sure you weren't just watching Mounting Mounties?
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I want Pink Floyd's The Wall, dammit.

Before anyone says anything: yeah, I know, but I don't care.

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This is ridiculous; I love seeing my hand.

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ShadowKiller said:
"ZombieHunter said:
"BiggerBomb said:
"Because they read your crap. Stop posting, please."
i agree 100 %
most of the stuff Smugdarkloser posted is kinda idiotic at least recently.
I actually found that funny and Smug does have a point.. it is off-topic. The real question is how does he find this stuff"
No he doesn't, and he found it on a magical site called youtube.
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I had this problem too, I just reloaded my game and it worked properly the second time.

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BiggerBomb said:
"Because they read your crap. Stop posting, please."
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Karmum said:
"HelixSnake said:
"Karmum said:
"How old are you? I'm talking about your grammar, it was torture reading that post."
You're pathetic."
No sir, I would be Karmum. Probably rushed this post out as much as he needed to go to the bathroom."