Any word on PC-version fix?

I bought the PC version of Far Cry 3 (a really excellent game) because people said it was the best one. Not going to argue about that (not having seen it run on consoles), but what really bothers me is the quality of this version coming from Borderlands 2.

It goes from full screen to windowed mode everytime I alt+tab. It's an easy fix going through the options, but still really annoying.

It crashes from time to time. My game just crashed, and my friends game crashed three times during co-op yesterday. We both own fairly new high-end PC's.

Also, you have to make sure to install the game in english, or else it's going to end up in your standard language. I don't mind reading norwegian, but the translation is at some points bad, and you can't change the language after it has been installed (Steam overrides this, but I don't own the Steam-version).

The keyboard controls are poorly optmialized, especially in the menus where you can't even scroll with the mousewheel and the menus aren't really good in the first place.


My debut as a voiceactor.

Well, this is weird. I have a friend who's really big on modding games, and he recently began making one for Skyrim named Riverwood Cave Bandit Camp - and I am the voice of the questgiver, named Erik Brendlock.

Being a voiceactor has been a little dream for me for a long time, and actually getting to do it is really fun! Of course it's not anything big, of course most people won't even hear it but for me, this is large.


Any better weapon combo than this?

Playing a lot of Pyro, and I think I have gotten to the conclusion of this setup as not only the best for the Pyro, probably the best setup for any class over all (if that is actually possible given the variousness of the class).

Main: Degreaser. Why? Fast weapon switch, cheap airblast

Secondary: Reserve Shooter. Why? Crits on airborne targets, usefull on enemies airblasted a bit too far away or enemies jumping to avoid fire. Also, fast weapon switch, that when combined with the Degreaser you change weapons instantly - quite handy when shooting or chopping down enemies.

Melee: Axtinguisher. Why? Crits on burning players.

The Degreaser does low damage by itself, but the firedamage is not the point here. The point is to set people on fire, airblast them then to either shoot them or hit them with the axe, wich is done in less than a second. The cheap airblast on the Degreaser makes it that much better to deflect projectiles, and makes it easy to put out burning team players.

The only drawback with this setup is that you don't have any kind of long distant attack, but the Pyro is mainly a close quarters fighter anyway, so it's a cheap tradeoff in my opinion.


Are the DLC any good?

After 3 years of it dusting down in the shelf I decided to finally give Fallout 3 a real chance since I dropped it after five hours back in 08 (I actually started it on release)

Now, I'm 80 hrs in, walking to find empty triangles in Capitol Wasteland before I complete the game, and I'm wondering if I should jump over to New Vegas or extend the gameplay some more. Is the DLC worth the money?

Playing on Xbox 360.


The Uncharted-series, the reviews and me - we don't really match.

I don't get the praise for the Uncharted-series, brought to mind by just finishing Uncharted 3. Great as they are for the moments of jawdropping actionsequences, they fail equally hard to be good games.

As experiences, they are awesome. They have some good moments, some great moments and a couple of "god damn it this is just so f'ing awesome"-moments I can't recall finidng in other games. The characters are good, allthough I find Drake himself to be a bit flat I really like Sullivan and the chemistry between the two. Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer are more "traditional" characters with more standard roles and could have been used more, differently and more fleshed out in general

The shooting is sub-par. It's even below sub-par. Try comparing Gears of War to Uncharted - they aren't that different, they focus on fast paced shooting, moving around and taking cover. But where a normal game makes weapons fire seemingly real bullets, the triology with Nathan Drake puts peas in their weaponry. Going from Dead Space 1 or 2 into the Uncharted-games is another way of showing how not so great the series handles the shooting. Albeit the Dead Space-games focus more "in your face"-shooting and not so much taking cover behind corners, it's still third person over the shoulder camera-shooting.

The guns of Uncharted 3 felt really good, looked good and had a nice sound (just the the previous two games) - sadly, using them felt like farting in the general direction of the enemies (again, same as the two earlier titles). Sadly, shooting is becoming more and more important the higher the number on the cover, on the cost of good old fashioned problemsolving.

Melee combat also falls flat,in the lates innstalment of Uncharted it feels like unscripted quick time events with stiff animations and magnets on everyragdoll to make the action fit the picture in the game. As for stealth, it just feels off and fails to do anything but frustrate me, and gives me the impression of being an elephant in a porcelainshop.

Where's the balance between fighting, thinking and storytelling?

The enemies are a different thing. Whilst Uncharted 3 had more variation of people, they were still brothers of that red haired guy in the grey overalls in Uncharted 2.

The AI is really bad - in Uncharted 3, they were commiting suicide with their own grenades, they ran around like headless chicken or they had such great belief in their own skills of running right at me, possibly formed from their blind faith in their pea-resistant armor?

I do know they drop their nades when I shoot them (a nice little detail), I'm not talking about that.I'm talking of people blatantly throwing their explosive pineapples into the wall they stand behind, the back of the guy in front of them or just dropping it two feet ahead of themselves.

And what happens to a grenade when you miss the spot on throwing it back? Does it glue it self to the ground or what? The mechanic of throwing back the grenade is a nice little addition to the shooting giving it a more tactical feeling (and also works as a great way to get grenades when you don't have any yourself), but it falls flat when it for some reason only works if you hit triangle at the right time. It doesn't even make sense since it's possible to throw the grenade back at the time it blows up, since it depends on where you press and where the little area displaying the timing is.

All in all, as stated, I like the games. They are fresh, coloufull with high quality in most areas like voice, looks and sound, but it falls flat on the gaming-side of things, wich leaves me with this question:

How can these games get so high reviewscores mostly all over the board?


Slow Giant Bomb? Meebo?

I might be telling the world that I have gotten something bad on my computer, but I'll take the risk.

Am I the only one who has this little line in the bottom of this page? Has shortcuts to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and some other buttons, and to the right it says "connect via Meebo". It came today, and no other site I use (some news, Facebook, a forum and Screened) has it, just Giant Bomb - and this site loading really slow.

What is this horrific thing? I use Google Chrome.


Solid Snake in MK?

I might have missed out on some news earlier, but I think I saw Solid Snake in the newest Mkast about Rain? Or its it simply a klassic skin?


Post your best Wimp-videos here!

I love Wimp, sadly it has kind of a crappy interface (hell, it doesn't even have a proper Facebook share button). Anyway, there is no way one human can scan through all the great Wimp videos - yet i know many of us know a funny clip or two on the site - and now you can feel free to post yours here!  
I have recently fallen in love with this clip, called Unicorn sighting.


Relevance tags on listst. How?

So yeah, I made a short E3 list for the fun of it (my XP is going nowhere fast, yest I still love the quests), but how do I do it so that the list gets relevance to E3 other than in content?  
I am of course talking about the Lincoln Logs quest.

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