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Great article.

To me, the greatest loss is Darksiders. Really love those two games, and I want all 4 horsemen to have their story told.

As for Saint's Row... SR 3 kind of dissapointed me, but SR 2 is in my eyes The Next Big Thing in sandbox games, showing off many a flaw in 0andbox mechanics GTA IV lacked.

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It's probably. GTA San Andreas. Or Metal Gear Solid 2. Or 3. Or some of those Jak and Daxter-games.

I'll stop now, the nostalgia is tearing me up .

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As a norwegian, i have always loved "...and Bob's your uncle".

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It's hard, but it's managable. Spend your new job meeting new people, enjoying new stuff and take with you what made you a better man from those 7 years. Some experiences are harder and more expensive to earn than others.

I feel for you man, I'm crawling out of a wrecked would-be-relleationship and while it's nothing compared to seven years it's still love lost.

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As a guy who can't grow a beard if my life depended on it I'm always jealous of people with great beards. Brad is one of them.

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Mogworld by Yahtzee Crashaw, the Zero Punctuation-guy.

It's actually rather intelligent in it's writing and even funny at times.

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@pyrodactyl said:

The people who say red ending and faking the genophage cure are the right ways to go are evil bastards. Yo, I don't know if you heard but genocide isn't cool, no mather the resoning behind it.

You do realize saving the krogans probably means them getting all genocide-y on your ass in a couple of decades, right?

That said, I love Wrex and can't think of playing Mass Effect without him.

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I bought the PC version of Far Cry 3 (a really excellent game) because people said it was the best one. Not going to argue about that (not having seen it run on consoles), but what really bothers me is the quality of this version coming from Borderlands 2.

It goes from full screen to windowed mode everytime I alt+tab. It's an easy fix going through the options, but still really annoying.

It crashes from time to time. My game just crashed, and my friends game crashed three times during co-op yesterday. We both own fairly new high-end PC's.

Also, you have to make sure to install the game in english, or else it's going to end up in your standard language. I don't mind reading norwegian, but the translation is at some points bad, and you can't change the language after it has been installed (Steam overrides this, but I don't own the Steam-version).

The keyboard controls are poorly optmialized, especially in the menus where you can't even scroll with the mousewheel and the menus aren't really good in the first place.