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I get the feeling From Software games can't be complained about. I've tried to voice some criticism around the web, but all I get back is "it's supposed to be that way", "it's a part of the mystery", "you just suck" and "well, this isn't a normal game!"

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Great article.

To me, the greatest loss is Darksiders. Really love those two games, and I want all 4 horsemen to have their story told.

As for Saint's Row... SR 3 kind of dissapointed me, but SR 2 is in my eyes The Next Big Thing in sandbox games, showing off many a flaw in 0andbox mechanics GTA IV lacked.

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It's probably. GTA San Andreas. Or Metal Gear Solid 2. Or 3. Or some of those Jak and Daxter-games.

I'll stop now, the nostalgia is tearing me up .

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As a norwegian, i have always loved "...and Bob's your uncle".

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It's hard, but it's managable. Spend your new job meeting new people, enjoying new stuff and take with you what made you a better man from those 7 years. Some experiences are harder and more expensive to earn than others.

I feel for you man, I'm crawling out of a wrecked would-be-relleationship and while it's nothing compared to seven years it's still love lost.

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As a guy who can't grow a beard if my life depended on it I'm always jealous of people with great beards. Brad is one of them.

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Mogworld by Yahtzee Crashaw, the Zero Punctuation-guy.

It's actually rather intelligent in it's writing and even funny at times.

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@pyrodactyl said:

The people who say red ending and faking the genophage cure are the right ways to go are evil bastards. Yo, I don't know if you heard but genocide isn't cool, no mather the resoning behind it.

You do realize saving the krogans probably means them getting all genocide-y on your ass in a couple of decades, right?

That said, I love Wrex and can't think of playing Mass Effect without him.