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I bought the PC version of Far Cry 3 (a really excellent game) because people said it was the best one. Not going to argue about that (not having seen it run on consoles), but what really bothers me is the quality of this version coming from Borderlands 2.

It goes from full screen to windowed mode everytime I alt+tab. It's an easy fix going through the options, but still really annoying.

It crashes from time to time. My game just crashed, and my friends game crashed three times during co-op yesterday. We both own fairly new high-end PC's.

Also, you have to make sure to install the game in english, or else it's going to end up in your standard language. I don't mind reading norwegian, but the translation is at some points bad, and you can't change the language after it has been installed (Steam overrides this, but I don't own the Steam-version).

The keyboard controls are poorly optmialized, especially in the menus where you can't even scroll with the mousewheel and the menus aren't really good in the first place.

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Not really, because most of the times he writes about games I'm going to play in the future. He writes some really good (the best, actually) stuff here, and no, I don't comment on the articles, since I don't click on them in the first place.

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FC 2 has some real gamebreakers for me, but on the other hand it's really really great at other stuff. I grew to dislike it the more I played it, but now I kind of want to replay it to enjoy the better aspects of it.

The bad: Repetative side quests, checkpoints respawning way to quickly, some really annoying animals running infront of your car.

The good: The general mood of the game, the friend saving your ass-mechanic, the general feel of the weapons, the open world

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Stop with what, exactly? I never heard Brad was leaving. As for Rorie, liked him on Screened but never got any real feelings for him.

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@Breadfan said:

@FengShuiGod said:

Fire Patrick and hire Rorie. Or just get him after Brad leaves.

Yeah, it really sucks that Brad is leaving. He's going to be hard to replace.

WHAT!? Brad is leaving!?

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Quick Look Vinny is best Vinny.

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Black Ops. First and last one.

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3 things gave me the biggest laughs: Turning in the first mission. Heh. Claptraps joke about my mom just after that (ZING!) and Claptrap again yelling at you for not enjoying a terrible pun he keeps coming returning to on a sidequest. The pun, and jokes, are really bad, but they are supposed to, and that whole event with Claptrap continually yelling at you for not enjoying it actually made me giggle quite alot.

Tiny Tina is just unfunny, Sir Hammerlock is generally great. Oppressed memories ahoy!

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I would like to see what else they could do in the universe, certainly, but my confidence in Bioware as a developer of quality games has also been significantly reduced in the past few years. Ask me when they actually announce something.

I agree.

That said, I love the Mass Effect universe. It's really great. I'm thinking they would expand upon the story around the First Contact War, maybe as Anderson or some other named but not really known character from the series.

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The problem... I have with Patrick.. isnotthathesometimes stop to PLAY BUT HE CAN'T... ever... decide.. on... what tempo and TONE OF voice.. tospeakin.

His written stuff is hands down the best on Giant bomb though.