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I personally think that Fallout 3 has the best headshots I have ever seen in a videogame. It actually depicts what would happen if you put a shotgun to someones head and pulled the trigger.
Meh. It's too flashy and gory. Sure, it's probably something close to reality, but I prefer Team Fortress 2. The anmiations amd the small bloodsplatter leaves for some fantastic deathscenes that fits perfectly with the rest of the game. 
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@SandmanDan said:
We have only seen a bat, paddle and various little blade weapons and firearms in a game that is supposed to have a vast arsenal of weapons, I will agree with saying the melee combat has looked iffy but I still have faith.
I've seen a lot of custom weapons, a C4 knife and some electric rake or something similar to that. 
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@FrankCanada97 Homewrecker is terribad. How often do you need to destroy a zapper as a Pyro anyway? 
: Knifes demands a backstab. Hard to pull off on a map that doesn't treat the spies so well.
 @Mikemcn: Wich gloves? KGB or GRU?
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A policeman working overtime payed by AUF got shot on Utøya. He was there to ensure the security of the event. He was probably one of the first victims, due to him awaiting the arrival of what he thought was a policeman but turned out to be the killer.  
The killer was caught with a lot of ammunition, and countrary to first signs it is now clear that the police were on the island an hour after the first report came in, and not 90 minutes as first stated. 

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The half-zatochi (spell-check needed) ain't half bad, because it gives full health. The drawback is that you can't change it, but since it's the only weapon you carry anyway it's not a problem.  
The Pyro's jackhammer is good, same with the rake as you mention. KGB  (Killing Gloves of Boxing) for the Heavy has great potential, but it might be tough to be a Heavy if the other team has a lot of Snipers wielding the Huntsman. Scout is kinda left out, he doesn't have the best  meleeweapons, does less damage per hit but swings the meleeweapon faster than any other class.
Meleeweapons don't really have balance, since they have stats on so many strategic and playstyle levels. The Equalizer for the Soldier is my all time favourite, even though I don't play that much Soldier. It also depends on the class. 

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Thank you. As a norwegian this weekend has been the worst I can remember, and I still can't fathom what has been going on. I've been lucky enough to not have any relations to anyone on Utøya or in the bomb attack in Oslo, but as a norwegian I still feel it's an attack on me personally.  

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@SomeDeliCook: As previously stated, we don't have death penalty in Norway. Andm yeah, I do hope he gets to se his failed belief get put back down in the toilet where it belongs.  
@Wraxend: He has stated in interrigation that he didn't like shooting people, but he had to for the sake of the cause.
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Alot of focus has been put on his manifesto, and it turns out it's a lot of copy and paste from different sources, amongst them the Unabomber.  
Late last night a political commentator argued he would be deemed sane, as this manifesto shows how long he has been working on this terrorist act. Took him about nine years or so.  
I can't think of anything but life in prison for this guy, beacuse should he eventually be let out, I feel certain someone is going to end his life. Might end up stuck in jail so no-one can get to him. More than that, I fear he will be made a martyr, wich would be horrible. 

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@rb_man said:

@Enigma777 said:

I really hope Bioware combines the best of both worlds in ME3, but from what I've seen so far, that may not be the case.

Me too man me too

My impression so far is that they are leaving out the better part of both games. 
" The Inventory system: Sure there is one but every thing feels like every thing else none of the weapons feel distinct. (Until you use ammo mods) Not to mention the fact near the end of the game you have to stop every 10 min to turn every thing to Gel." 
True to some extent, but what makes it so great is that it's there, and you can make what you want out of it. I really love the inventorysystem even though it has some major flaws like no sorting and weird "handling". The problem with Mass Effect 2 in my eyes is that it lacks the RPG parts ME has. I love the game because I can shoot and not just fling my blade around. The inventorysystem also helps giving the feeling of your weapons actully meaing something, whereas the system in Mass Effect 2 simply gives a short description and feels flat and uninteresting. A bad thing when the game tries to be a shooter where your weapons usually are in focus. I also find the coversystem to be terrible at times, so as a shooter the game falls flat, leaving the very thin RPG-elements to carry the game. 
" The Dossier and Loyalty Missions: If you ask me the best part of the whole game each one being new and exciting. AT the same time giving great depth to each of the teammates" 
You have missions for your teammates in Mass Effect as well, but they don't give the depth nor the back story Mass Effect 2 gives.