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I do miss the death animations in the first game, especially those of electrical and acid deaths. Then again, throwing a grenade at a cluster of enemies only to see them turn into a red cloud... It's not really wrong that either.

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I'm the European Waiter. It's a huge bug, can't even start my game.

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@Viking_Funeral said:

I also do the battery pop trick. Once you get good at it, it's just like pushing a button.

Wich it is. Push the button, then aply some force, move finger and put the pack back in. I do it in less than a second. Downloading an app sure sounds all fine and dandy, but I don't really have the need.

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Through Steam? What, I'm going to download more RAM and a new graphics card?

"It’s hard to tell if Valve is always flying by the seat of its pants, or if it’s carefully calculated this “shrug, we’ll figure it out” image to make us think they’re all just hanging out and high-fiving all day."

I think it's both. Flying by the seat of it's pants while high-fiving all day.

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Man do I hope Valve knows when to call people.

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What did he do?

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Yah, Obsidian surely needs a kickstarter. This is the perfect example of why Kickstarter is bad.

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Neghbours just painted their house light blue.

Fuck you EA.

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@GunstarRed said:

@Tennmuerti: I played so much of that game it's hard to remember what my first playthrough felt like. The bird was completely useless by the time I'd gotten round to Knoxx and the Claptrap DLC.

Bloodwing was for me the only acceptable skill. Impossible to hide from, gave health, gave a fuckton of items and attacked a lot of people. My Mordechai gets 3-5 items from every enemy just by dodging bullets. I also specced him (and used character bonus) to get the action skill about every 6 seconds. The turret did have it's uses, but it was too easy to just hide away from. the two others were uninteresting.

As for Borderlands 2, I'm thinking Zero but I'not to fond of all those critical hit-bonuses. Was some cool melee-bonuses, but you know... Gazillion weapons, I don't want to use the same old weapon from start to finish.

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Real hardware>everything else.