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"A good game with a long playtime? Forget that!"

Ugh. Patrick.

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Amazing. Fantastic. I won't buy Tekken, because I've never cared for or about it, but I still appreciate straight talk when I see it.

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I've never been more tempted to drop 10k in my life.

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The original version of this image did not have the half life lettering. It's a shop.

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When did Giant Bomb turn into Kotaku? :(. This kind of sensationalist editorializing seems more suited for a Gawker site.

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If Descent uses the wiimote to control the ship movement and viewpoint, I think there'll be more than a few people hurling their lunch at their TV's, rather than their wiimotes.

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I love free stuff! Free stuff is my favorite kind of stuff!

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Amusingly there is no actual nudity in the game.

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Having played the first two, I'd say that so far my impressions (about 6 or so hours in) of AT3 are that it's the weakest of the lot - both in terms of gameplay and characters. For all of their faults, AT1 and AT2 had some pretty inventive battle engines, while AT3 has a watered down and unresponsive feeling tales-esque engine that just doesn't feel very fun. The characters and plot too seem very lighthearted, and I don't see how AT3 can compare to some of the stingers that the first games laid on you as the plot progressed.
Still, it's not like it's awful. The music is catchy, there's a lot of crafting and conversing to do, and the shameless exploitation is in full effect. It just doesn't feel as strong as either of the first two games.
Aside: Ar Tonelico II, despite having one of the most awful localizations ever and the previously mentioned game-breaking bugs in one of the final bosses, was still one of the most fun and entertaining RPGs I've played in years.

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Thank god the previous rumors of it never coming here were false. Either someone outside of Atlus was telling some fibs, or Atlus USA was playing some dirty tricks with our hearts.
Either way, I'm just happy it's going to make its way here.

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