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Sad to see you go Patrick but excited for your next adventure, GLHB

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If Mario was born in Brooklyn, where'd he get that accent?

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Am I naive for thinking that Sony maybe have a point and are telling EA to maybe get the finger out? How many EA games are available for PS4 at the moment? Peggle 2 isn't on PSN, so looking at EA's own list of PS4 games, that leaves 6 in the past year, and 4 upcoming. $5 a month on top the $5~ for PSN that's necessary to play the online portion of these EA games doesn't really look like a deal to me.

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long post ahead, not a spoiler, just minimising your scrolling :D

I really enjoy physical media because I like the archival aspect to it, I've a pretty large vinyl, game and movie collection and if my computer or backup media were to die, or my digital provider went offline, I'd still have those items. The problem I have with digital is that as fidelity gets better, unless we find some pied piper type algorithm, the file size is going to go up. I've currently a 10TB server for streaming copies of everything around my house but that's quickly being filled when a copy of a blu-ray is 25~gigs. The latest consoles both have 500GB HDDs, which if I'm installing AAA games is likely to be eaten up in no time at all. And that's the problem with digital, the price of storage is not conducive to having a large media library. Storing items in the cloud definitely is a way around it, but then there's costs to that and most of those processes aren't as instant as me lifting a game from a shelf.

Although it's rare that I sell a physical item, there is a chance that I can actually make money on it where as spending money on digital items has little or no return. I can't sell my PSN games, nor my iTunes library but the Mono Beatles and Hendrix LPs I have and the limited edition or rare games I have have become an investment, something that if I need to recoup money from I'm sure I will be able to.

I have a problem spending £55 on a current gen digital game because I've grown up in a time when physical items have a value that digital didn't. I've always been of the mind set that a dvd is worth more of my money than an iTunes download because, even though the disc, case and cover probably cost the manufacturer about 5p, it's still something I can hold. I may not own the data contained in it but I own that piece of plastic. I also find it hard justifying giving into the ridiculous prices that Sony and Microsoft charge on their console stores when GMG or Steam have sales on the exact same media for a fraction of the cost. Within weeks of launch, the physical cost of a game drops, while the digital cost remains the same, for something I can no ownership or right to once they service provider decides they don't want to stream it to me anymore.

If the digital download cost was tiny, I'd have no issue swapping to an all digital console, in fact I'm in the process of building my first pc and foresee only digital games on it but that's mainly due to the fact that the majority of the games I'll be buying will be as a result of a steam sale, they may be indie games or likely they are pc only games. But as long as the middle men see fit that they can charge the same price for digital and physical media, in most cases the digital overpricing the physical item, I'll be going for physical items any chance I can.

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To all the bombcast crew, family, friends and all us duders, my thoughts go out to you. I honestly can't believe this. Ryan was a gent.

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My thoughts are with you Patrick, sorry for your loss.

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That Ryan is spot on. SPOT ON!

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Hello there,

Having fiddled about with the settings on Arkham City, and being in the mood for a new telly, I'm wondering if AC works with passive TVs. I've read the game works well with active TVs, however I haven't found any info about the other, simpler, version of 3D we all know and tolerate.

Seeing as AC is 720p and passive is (correct me if i'm wrong) limited to 720p at the moment, in theory it should work, but I can't find anything confirming or denying it.

Any takers?

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'Nuff said
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