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I dislike Zeke because he's a shitty friend. I honestly don't understand how Cole even hangs with such a loser. Not only did he betray you in the first game, but in the second game he calls you "brother", but is so quick to save himself at your and the rest of the powered people expense. Not to mention he didn't even show any bit of care that Cole was going to die. The whole time he was like CHARGE THE RFI, DO IT, DO IT, KILL YOURSELF COLE.

Zeke proved he was a selfish shit in the first game, and he did it again in the second. Thats why i chose the bad ending everytime. Zeke does not deserve to live at all.

Both Nix & Zeke were pointless characters. Nix was so annoying with her talk about her babies. Kuo was the only normal character, and the only one i actually cared about living.

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All Sony needed to do was work on the triggers & analogs, that they did & i'm satisfied. Don't need the PS4 controller trying to be 360 with the analog up top because the D-pad on 360 is god awful.

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@somedelicook said:

What? Seattle? Screw that noise, I'm gonna start a petition to make this game set in New York

Yes, because New York hasn't been done over, & over, & over, & over. Its bad enough every single Marvel character just happens to be from New York because only New Yorkers can have super powers LOL. There's more cities in the world than New York. NY is whored out enough as is, it doesn't need anymore coverage. It has been worn out to the point its now stale & dull. Plus it being in Seattle means there might be a chance for some good scenery & diverse landscape outside of the city. New York outside of the city is flat and boring as hell, nature is a joke in NY. If you can call the landscape outside of the city nature.

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I have Catastroceros on Swaine, and Demoliceros on Oliver....needless to say, everything gets raped pretty much xD Oliver & Swaine's familar health doesn't even go down unless someone does a powerful magic attack in which case it still doesn't move down much.

Esther has been using the same fatass Bird since i started the game. He's in 3rd form with magic attack all the way up, the bird also rapes everything with his AoE attacks especially the bubble bath one.

Oliver line up is basicaly: Demoliceros, Dynamite (aka Jotun) , Fountainhead (Aka Cloud, only kept him on the team because of his ressurect power incase Swaine or Ester went down, haven't ever had to use it though)

Ester: Electrongo, Wispula, Boo-Bougie (have refrained from evolving to 3rd form as he's never used)

Swaine: Catastroceros, Puss in Bouts, Grimray.

The rest of the line up is purely for back up, incase the others need to recharge, however the first party familars pretty much end most battles before the charge thing gets even halfway down. Its almost hilarious how much Catastrocers ( i named him Wrex) and Demoliceros (i named him Draugr) rape everything.

Although i don't use Oliver's starting familar much these days i still continue to feed Dynamite and upgrade him as i love the little guy, he is a badass, he's been a champ throughout the game, he's arguably still among my favorite familars :( i can't send him to the retreat.

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Anyway, despite being disapointed with the endings, i still cut Ubisoft some slack.

We gamers tend to forget that these are game developers, not proffessional writers. They can only try the best they can, even some of the greatest stories told in gaming have something off about them. I just wish game developers would learn how to end games better. So many crap endings recently.

Assassins Creed 3, This game, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3.

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@Scotto said:

- Jason's various moral crises about what he's "becoming" were super-lame. After he tortures Riley, for example - what is your problem? You're trying to maintain your cover, for the ultimate goal of getting your brother out of there alive - would Riley rather be dead, than get punched a few times for the cameras? It's not like you become some wanton serial killer - you're trying to help an oppressed people fight back against the dude who killed your brother and kidnapped your friends, and you're only shooting people who are shooting right back at you. Yet the game keeps playing up the idea that you're losing yourself with all of this killing. What was the alternative? Let Vaas kill all of you?

The "What am i becoming" was pretty self explanatory. Regardless of the reasoning behind torturing his brother, he STILL DID IT. Something he probably would have never even dreamed of doing before this whole thing happened. This is someone he cared about and took care of, someone who he wanted to save the entire game, and now he's beating him. His comment only came after he stuck his finger in his bullet wound, i'm pretty sure the comment was meant to address how sadistic he has become, being able to get creative with torturing is pretty sadistic, no? The fact that he even thought to stick his finger in the bullet wound was testament to how much he's changed through the game, thats what his comment meant.

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Despite the terrible ending. The story throughout was still one of the best this generation.

I felt the good ending deserved more closure between friends. They've all been through too much just to have a simple boat leaving/Jason speech ending. The bad ending made absolutely NO SENSE. I don't care what anyone says, nothing Jason did throughout the game lead up to that Citra ending. So what? he says he likes killing to Daisy, it was clear throughout the game no matter what he still had morals. If anything he was more like HIS OLDER BROTHER towards the end of the game than one of those other crazies on the island. Taking out vengeance on the people who made your life hell, is entirely different from cold blooded murder. Jason never once killed someone in cold blood in the entire game. Christ sakes, the game will even tell you "Do not kill innoncents" if you kill one LOL. He helped the innocents for crying out loud, he saved daughters from their suicidal boyfriends and what not. The people he killed were all slavers, rapist, and all around psychos.

It makes absolutely no sense, that he goes through all this to save his friends and most importantly his brother WHO HE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR (The exact words he told Citra, and also after first meeting up with Riley and having to torture him, he tells Sam "I want hoyt dead"). He shows nothing but love for his brothers throughout the game, and what? 4-5 missions pass and suddenly its "Oh sorry little brother, i would do anything for you EXCEPT reject a half naked tribal woman, you die now". Please, the bad ending was completely pulled out of nowhere. Not to mention how he often talked about how they took care of each other, and how he reacted when he thought Riley was dead. I'm sorry but some half naked chick he just met doesn't destroy a bond between brothers like that so fast, its crap.

It wasn't just his brother he cared about either, but all of them. Buck's constant teasing of harming Keith, and Jason without much thought obeying showed that. The bad ending contradicts everything the character has said and done throughtout the game.

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How do they all survive with no trees?

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RE5 was garbage, i have no clue how anyone could have thought RE6 would be any better. I didn't even try the demo, i know exactly what to expect.

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I want to see V/H/S, all the critics keep raving about it. Too bad it doesn't release until october.

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I grew up and realized that horror movies were never good to begin with..

You shut your blasphemous mouth!