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@theht: Well I'm definitely glad I went with hunter now, that super is fucking awesome!

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Well fuck, I thought shooting Kenny was the right thing to do, and his little talk with Clem just before he died made me pretty sad. But now I don't know, the ending where you end up in Wellington sounds better to me.

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@zelyre said:

I think Moffat brought some very interesting concepts into Doctor Who. Such as the weeping angels and River Song during the Tennant era.

However, I felt they lost so much once they were fleshed out. River Song started off as this idea of someone who was larger than the Doctor and that the tragedy was that we were seeing a River who was in love with a Doctor that loved her, yet it was never that Doctor she met.

I think we've seen River's time line play through the show, and the most I ever got out of the Doctor/River relationship was that 11 simply put up with her; there was no actual love, just an infatuation on River's part. If anything, it felt like 11 was annoyed with her if she wasn't behind bars.

I liked Matt Smith, but I think we got too much goofy Doctor. I have a feeling (I hope) that a lot of the past few seasons were written for Matt Smith's Doctor and that the feel of the show will change with Capaldi.

The more I think about it, the more I think that the whole River thing was a load of shit. I think that there was a lot of potential with her but by the end of her story I had completely forgotten what the point of her was.

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Resubbed, got a rogue to level 6. I can confirm that wow is still wow.

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@karkarov said:

@photomic said:

@karkarov: Normally, I'd say the same, but I've been itching for a time sink before I go back to university in two months and WoW seems as good as any after Dark Souls II

I would advise picking any MMO over WoW. Wildstar, The Secret World, FF14, I don't even like Guild Wars 2 and I would tell you to pick Guild Wars 2 over WoW. World of Warcraft is the lowest common denominator and most derivative MMO on the market, the fact that it is the most popular has nothing to do with it actually being good. Millions watch Honey Boo Boo, but does that actually make it good tv? No.

I feel like this is a little unfair. I had a great time when I played WoW and I have tried many other MMOs since and I haven't enjoyed any of them any where near as much as I enjoyed WoW. But each to their own I guess.

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Maybe it's time to branch out into other genres?

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I'm really enjoying it so far, they've done a really good job of mixing a shooter with an MMO. I was pleasantly surprised about the existence of public events in the explore mode. Really awesome to have a giant spider tank to drop out of the sky and having everyone team up to take it down.

I can see this game being pretty big.

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EU PS4 codes:


Lemme know if you redeem em :)

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The in game install is going reeeeal slow. Definitely won't be playing until some time tomorrow.

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Anyone with a spare PS4 code that could send one my way? I'd be very grateful, plus it's my birthday in a few days time!