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Man they fucked up LOS 2 so bad, I loved the first one but the sequel is worse in almost every way. Such a shame...

I wouldn't go that far, it's not exactly a great sequel but as a game it's pretty damn fun/good, it's a 7.5-8 or so to me, but the conclusion was weak as hell.

Yea I was probably being a bit overly dramatic but I was really let down by it, the combat was still decent but the story and settings were a big step down from the original in my opinion.

But yea, the conclusion is very poor.

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Man they fucked up LOS 2 so bad, I loved the first one but the sequel is worse in almost every way. Such a shame...

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Definitely interested, the ideas seem cool and I do enjoy some LOTR but it's too early to be excited I think.

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I've some how gone all these years without playing any of the Lego games so I got Marvel, that price is great considering how old it is. Looks pretty awesome as well!

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As someone who has read the books, it was really hard not to just shut out the answer when my house mates were discussing who poisoned Joffrey.

Really enjoying this season so far, it is interesting to see the changes they are making from the books. Seems like they are already taking stuff from the later books and adding it now (like Roose Bolton meeting Theon/Reek)

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God watching this is like some kind of nightmare, but also really makes me wanna play pokemon.

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I seriously didn't get this episode, I only laughed twice (that "What are you going to do? Not have butts?" was pretty great). I feel like I've missed something seeing as the everyone else loved it.

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Yea for me it starts going down hill once you get back to Helghan. Also, the first ending sequence is comically bad.

The multi-player is pretty good though.

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Really don't understand what the fuss is bout with Ornstein and Smough, I beat them on my first try! Perhaps I was over levelled.

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I only just recently got into Dark Souls and I fucking love it now, and it's really not that hard if you take your time. Hell, after a while I was tearing through most of the bosses on my first or second try. After I beat it I started all over again as a spell caster and it's still just as fun as it was the first time though. Definitely one of the best games I've played this gen.