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I second Battlefield. 4 is a bit rough around the edges currently, ESPECIALLY on the PS4.

I'd look into BF3 if you're wary, that game is rock solid and totally rad.

Battlefield is in my genuine opinion the best shooter there is. It's not a twitch shooter a'la Quake or Tribes or something, and having a good K/D ratio helps but will in no way make you win instantly.

Playing the objective is the most important thing. Look for the Giant Bomb platoon (or whatever it's called) and there's should be lots of teamwork and voicechat going on.

Also, there's fuckin' helicopters and shit.

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If you are up for some 90's JRock, then Luna Sea is some of the best. My favourite band to come out of Japan.

My song highlights are Shine, Wish, Loveless, and recently, one of their first singles:

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two worst genres of music

Great job generalising entire genres of music, there dude. You're totally the authority on all music forever.

Anyway, everything I've heard from them is hit or miss. That 'Megitsune' track is the best so far, especially with that Traditional Japanese Scale in the bridge (breakdown?) section. Reminds me of Marty Friedman's stuff which is rad.

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I'm a Canadian living in Melbourne. The in-fighting is hilarious. (on the Bombcast emails, I mean)

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Just started Tomb Raider on the PC, accidentally played for like 6 hours in one sitting. Oops.

This game is really scratching my 'Uncharted' itch for sure. Just got back to the Mountain Village after the Radio tower.

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5/5, no complaints or glaring faults, really. Just a great film.

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Gojira's 'L'enfant Sauvage'

edit: Totally forgot, I just bought a Dream Theater bootleg from 1993. Only copy I've ever come across!

more edit: Forgot Tesseract's Altered State. Damn good album

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@mjk0104 said:

I feel like the only Australian who's sick of the weather here, I'd probably move to Norway, or maybe the Nederlands. Actually, if there was somehow an architectural programming position available in Antarctica, that'd be my first choice, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

Also, don't come here people, this country sucks. I love it, but it sucks. Except our cricket team at the moment, eat it pommies!

As a Canadian who recently moved to Melbourne, the weather is cool, I think. But, I like rain, so I'm weird.

Goddamn, cricket is so fucking boring, though. I feel like it's one of those sports you have to had grown up with to appreciate it. Whereas Footy I found an appreciation for immediately. Go Tiges!

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Sleeping Dogs!

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@lydian_sel said:

The first Periphery album and Devil Survivor for the DS. That was a long game and I listened to that album damn near on repeat. Such an awesome time!

Same album for me, but the game was Midnight Club: LA.

I only had that one album ripped to my PS3 and I always started it before launching the game. It works so perfectly with Midnight Club, what with it being so fast-paced.

Man, a PC version of that game at 60 fps would be awesome.