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Doesn't bother me too much, because I can see this game being one I will replay at the very least 2 or 3 times. Currently on my first play through on PS4, planning on playing it again on PC once I can build a new one. I'm planning on doing different side quests that I miss the first time. More content makes me happy!

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Not every Apple customer is a fucking idiot that is constantly spending money on bullshit. Sorry, had to say it.

No, but a lot of them are going out of their way to let you know they bought an Apple product. It's fine to prefer a brand, I'm just not digging the face rubbing as if it makes you superior. It can be heard in the simplest things. Whenever I can't find my phone, I'm just asking: 'Hey have you seen my phone?' Apple nuts always make a point saying: 'Dude, have you seen my iPhone 6'? That's just dumb.

I agree with you there. I like Apple stuff because every other laptop computer I've tried feels cheap, and I prefer OS X for pretty much anything I would need a computer for. I like my iPhone because I don't have to futz around with it - it just works. Certainly don't buy every new iThing on the market, though. I kept my iPhone 4 from launch until 3 months ago, and bought a 5S for super cheap. I definitely don't want or need an apple watch, either. That's what my regular analog watches are for. The people who are constantly name-dropping their 'new, expensive thing' are probably just looking for validation through 'stuff'. *shrug* Sorry my initial comment sounded so angry!

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Not every Apple customer is a fucking idiot that is constantly spending money on bullshit. Sorry, had to say it.

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Agreed. I'm about to buy a PS4 and wanted to pick this up with Bloodborne, because I never played DS2. Although, after hearing about all of these changes to the difficulty and this durability crap - I think I may just buy the original release on PC or wait for them to actually do something about it on the PS4. The 'remix' stuff I've heard about seems like it is intended for veterans of the original DS2, not really meant for newcomers. That's turning me off as well. I don't want the 'hard mode' before I've played 'normal mode'. :/

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Well, I would say maybe Nathan Drake?

Yeah, him.

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Playing this for the first time, myself.

I was a big fan of OoT when it came out originally, but I have never finished that game. Mostly because I would go to a friend's house to play it, so I never really sat down to get through it in earnest on my own before.

I just bought a New 3DS XL the other day to play Majora finally, and I am loving it so far! The darker nature of the story and environment is super interesting, and the exploration tied into the cycle of time is super cool!

I am looking forward to finally getting my hands on Ocarina 3D of course - that will be nostalgia city, I'm hoping.

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Maybe check out Dragonlord?

They were a side project by Eric Peterson& Steve DiGiorgio of Testament, and Steve Smyth of Nevermore.

They put out two albums of GREAT (imo) Symphonic Death metal. I could never get into the 'classic' BM stuff, but Dragonlord is just great songwriting, and non-terrible production. I know that it's part of the 'style' but it's just not enjoyable (for me) to listen to shit recordings. *shrug*

My favourite track is probably 'Born To Darkness' - that's the one that got me into the band.

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Otogi: Myth Of Demons. Remember that game? Among my all-time favourites, it was so damn unique and atmospheric, not to mention hard as balls. It's, ofcourse, a FromSoftware game.

Came here to say this. As cool as the Souls games are, I love me some Otogi.

They did make a sequel, Otogi 2. But it was another original Xbox game. Probably hard to find now.

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I've played through the game 3 times, and not once was I bothered by the Framerate.

Obviously 60 is better, especially for a racing game, but I would take smooth, rock-solid 30 fps over a shitty fluctuating, screen-tearing 25-40 fps anyday.

Not putting word in your mouth or anything, just my own opinion. :p

I really really hope a PC version happens eventually, but I'm not holding my breath. Forza (and especially Horizon) is the only thing keeping me from totally abandoning Xbox.

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I second Battlefield. 4 is a bit rough around the edges currently, ESPECIALLY on the PS4.

I'd look into BF3 if you're wary, that game is rock solid and totally rad.

Battlefield is in my genuine opinion the best shooter there is. It's not a twitch shooter a'la Quake or Tribes or something, and having a good K/D ratio helps but will in no way make you win instantly.

Playing the objective is the most important thing. Look for the Giant Bomb platoon (or whatever it's called) and there's should be lots of teamwork and voicechat going on.

Also, there's fuckin' helicopters and shit.