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A few quick words about myself to fill in the bio :)

I'm a pc gamer, mainly interested in FPS games and an occasional strategy game. I would love to see more adventure games back on PC, but alas I believe that we won't be seeing a renaissance of that genre. At the moment Team Fortress 2 is taking up most of my gaming time. I have to say that once you get a taste of real "team play", there's no going back to CS:S and the likes. Valve's dedication to bring free new content to their games is praiseworthy...not to mention pretty rare!

Random thoughts:

- Valve and Steam are the best things to happen to pc gaming since the invention of mouse and keyboard
- My most anticipated game of 2008: Left 4 Dead (Oh man!)
- What I'm dying to play: Half-Life 2: Episode 3
- I've been thinking about buying a PS3 just to get my hands on MGS4
- Mass Effect was a slight disappointment: numerous fantastic ideas and voice acting, but many many stupid flaws as well :/
- Favorite website: www.crwannabes.com
- I would like to see a weekly live show, maybe on thursdays ;) (wouldn't have to be anything fancy....I'd just like to see the guys chatting about games)