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I cant believe all the talk about not giving a game to much credit.

i heard all the bombcast 2011 game of the year, and im sick and tired of them dropping a game because it will get recignition later. Wtf is that.

Portal 2, was the best coop experience by far this year. Gears, and runners up, does nothing new. Its just because you guys havnt done coop that it doesnt get mentioned.

And MK for best story? just fuck it. cant take you guys seriously. mw3 and bf3 got better story then mk

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portal 2 not on best coop is the worst thing i have ever seen.

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So first of all, i dont mind being a "premium" member and helping out whisky media.

But lately i have a hard time seeing what the benefits are?

Videos are hd for everyone (as it should be)

Bombcast is free (as it should be)

The one thing im missing is behind the scenes stuff. Like Dave and vinnys random pc game, there should be one today, but there isnt. And "premium" member videos are being put out maybe once a week?

As i said, i dont mind paying to help out an awesome site, i am just thinking what the benefits are for new potential subscribers who wants to get value for there money.

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hey guys i like this game because i do

i also like bf3

amazing, go figure.

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If Whisky media/giant bomb wanst a business, i could not watch its content. Because the site would be dead.

They can't be around without some money, so stop being so fucking cheap. And just enjoy this awesome site. If Giant Bomb wasn't good at doing business. They would have probably be bankrupt.

So YES to business.

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THis reminds me of the halo reach stuff and multiplayer stuff

its just bs.

seems i have to get a 250gb hdd :/

in forza 4 you could install all the cars on the 4gb model, even though on a usb stick, even though replays don't work on forza 4 on the 4gb model

Anyone know a good ebay link for a 250gb model?

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sorry, I'm not deep into the batman franchise, but good to know :) thanks guys

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When batman carries out the joker, he doesn't respond to any questions from the chief dude (gordon?)

Anyways, although joker would have espaced and caused more misery, batman says he would have given him the cure.

Now, am i the only one thinking batman is sad that the joker is dead, it seems there relationship is kinda bound to each other. Like the constant cat and mouse game between them.

Maybe I'm way off, i just have that thought when he carried out the joker

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im not from the uk, but, i just got one tip, prepare better for quick looks.

that is all.

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When dom died i almost shed a tear.

those 4 minuets is the best death of a game character. Images. music and everything is perfectly ut together.

Also does anyone feel annoyed that marcus father could have warned about eday. and why the fuck has he worked with the queen for 20 years. Is it common for humans to team up?

Im jusy saying if eday was warned. millions could have been rescued and the gears could have mounted a better defence and didnt have to.hammer of dawn themselves.

Because of that. and because adam fenix was the only lne who knew. i cant find adam fenix death sad. dont like him