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Thanks, any more?

In retrospect, maybe this is the right place to ask something like this

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So i just finished 3 years and got my bachelordegree in engineering, petrolium technology in Norway.

Now i want to take my masters degree in USA, cause i always wanted to go there. Anyone, can recommend some schools that they know off.

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A bug in the xbmc app on boxee atleast

Or not a bug, but ye. ANyways the recent happy hour where will does hurt his fingers isnt in the subscriber section. While it is free, its rather nicely organized to have all the tnt and happy hours there. Also past free happy hours have been in the subscriber section of the app.

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So i just tried out the giant bomb on boxee, while its a awesome edition im missing one big thing.

The podcasts. Is there a easy way to add this to a set top box in a way

Would be awesome to have everything in one place.

As it is now, i really dont know how i can get the awesome podcast on my tv

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I went to bed last night thinking what a tradegy. 
I got a call early this morning from my mom, saying one of my friend which i have gone to school with for 12 years was shot and killed at Utøya. It feels so unreal. I was supposed to go to work today but im just so empty.  I just wish my family wasnt living 10 hours away from me, and that my girlfriend was home with me. So i can have someone to talk to. But many many people have it much worse then me. My thoughts go out to all families which realises know they will never see their child again. 
I went trought the streets today, where i live, and while there were many many people, i heard no laughter and almost no smiles, it was almost silent, even though i walk past thousands of people. A sad day indeed. I just hope everyone support each other, and give a helping hand to those who need it.

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you guys have no fucking clue what so ever, no you dont need to spend 100 bucks on MS one, you can  buy the casing from ebay and use your own 2,5" hdd. 
Or you can just buy the 250gb with a casing on ebay, they cost 40 dollars for the 250gb hdd + case. 
clueless forum

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So i long thought about subbing on whisky media, but now i can see all giantbomb quick looks on youtube in hd, isnt that a bit weird? 
i mean if they want more subscribers

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Any scandinvaion people/europeans/people from the states want to play trenched this weekend :D hit me up: GT: Virtua Henrik

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Im from norway, im getting the game today/tomorrow, just waiting on my new credit card. 
gamer tag is virtua henrik, feel free to add me :)

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Wow, guys thank you so much 
Im pretty stupid it seems. 
Thanks alot <3 so happy right now