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God, sorry guys, im not that technical. 
To clarify. My monitor has 2 hdmi inputs and one 3,5 mm audio out on the back of the monitor. 
Even though it doesnt have internal speakers, the included remote does have a volume up and down button, i guess that has something to do with the audio out on the back of the monitor. 
Also, heres whats included in my 2.1 setup. If someone could explain in babysteps i would be so grateful 

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So i bought a new xbox 360 today to hook up to my samsung pc monitor. Now picture is great, but i get no audio, which isnt weird, seeing the pc monitor doesnt have internal speakers. 
Now i have a 2.1 system, which uses a single 3.5mm jack to connect to my pc, can i use that, what about headsets etc? 

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As expected, bland, and we have seen this before. 

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Not to be harsh, but the tsunami in Japan hasnt really affected me in anyway, call me selfish, but i do like the golden fish rule (if someone know what it is) Its to far, for me to really care. 
Anyways, i just found out that the creator of pokemon died in the tsunami, sucks, i enjoyed that game a hell of alot when i was a kid

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would be awesome if vinny actually told gb crew he was going on a vacation, but is secretly working for engadet/joystiq 

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Yes, i have had so much of fun with Resonance of fate, its awesome game. can be a bit hard for newcomers, but you seem like a veteran, so should suit you 

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@oatz said:
" I honestly don't get the point of these games. Do half the "workout" you could get from just doing cardio for thirty minutes, but pay for it! It's not like the majority of the people who really will do this will eat right either, which is 95% of weight loss (it's as simple as a calorie deficit, God damnit). "Wow, what a workout, I need a reward. Time to gorge myself in pizza!" It's depressing, really.  "
You are so utterly stupid. 
I mean as a former personal trainer, most people who are overweight, dont like going to the gyms, because of their low self esteem, while at home they have expressed the problem of not knowing how to peform each exercise. I think its great your shape has arrived. I mean, yes a healthy food plan is equally important, but i feel when you have invested this much into the kinect + games, you have already consulted a trainer/doctor/internett and prepared a healthy died. 
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The tech works great in my house, the problem is the software. 
I hate fat 12yr olds who bash the technology when its actually the games that has the problems. When kinect software is done good, its awesome. 
Also it wouldnt hurt 99,99% of the people in here to get some exercise and move around a bit, the xbox 360 controller can managed without cheetos grease for one day. 
Also. WHo gives a fuck of you guys dont like it, its not ment for you anyways. gl have batman.

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@Pop said:
" maybe they're just fucking with us, making it seem like they are cutting it but actually they won't. "
You got that now? 
Bombcast and quick looks is what GB is all about, when they say "HEY WE ARE GOING TO SPLIT BOMBCAST IF WE DONT GET 5000 SUBS" 
What will people do then? Subscribe of course. 
I cant understand that people can't grasp the situation here. It's so dirty.