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Good job on the redesign. It looks beautiful.

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Have all these games already, ugh.

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Comment whoring for quests... Sad.

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I'd like to know the answer to your question too. Haha.

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 I have a 24" PC monitor that runs at 1920x1080. Also, 1920x1200 is pretty common these days. PC monitors have always had better resolutions than T.Vs

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@CultellusVolans said:
records up to 1080i ... which is way more than any computer monitor can preform ;)
Um... You're wrong.
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systech said:
"Just imagine them to be clones of Darth Vader instead. Much easier."
Or read the back story. ;)
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Yeah, no need for it. I don't use it much anymore because of my setup.

I use my PC and PS3 on the same T.V.

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DaveF said:
"HenryHSH said:
"Riddler said:

Fuck wrong with you?

the Shitstation is already a hastle and you wanna Pile another garbage like Linux on it?

why dont you shove a pie down a fat lady's throat....i mean thats not making things worse

Get lost.

And Dave, it depends what you're thinking about doing with Linux. I have it there since I have the space (500GB) and I play some Genesis roms every now and then.
It's not very useful though.
How good is it to just be used as a 'PC'. Obviously it would be better with mouse and keyboard for general browsing, but does the PS3's added power (over the average PC) make a noticeable difference in any way?

Unfortunately you don't get access to the GPU while using Linux. No 3D games, no fancy Beryl...

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