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Got mine tonight, friggen hard, but worth it in the end. :)

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Good news, hopefully will add to the game.

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hmm if it works.

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I remember the days when DLC was coming out almost every week, every game and at no price. I'm getting tired of the high prices for the DLC and the fact games aren't updated as often. I remember games like Ghost Recon Island Thunder for example having heaps of DLC released.

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Thanks mate, yeh I may continue to dig up some old ones and once I get some spare time I might write some new ones around the place.  Perhaps add a bit here and there to some of the pages for fun.
I stumbled across that website and was playing with the games yesterday. It's bloody hard I tell you, but it was nicely complimented by this site so it was fun to do again. Let me know if you find the other one, would be good to have a go at it. :)

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Day 2 has come to an end for me over this side of the world. Not a great deal to share today, been flat out with work but spend a few hours looking around the site bringing back memories. I did post two old reviews I wrote years ago for AussieXbox and placed them up online. One review is for Forza Motorsport, for a bit of history I was actually the first person in the world to review this game (no lie), I gave it a 10 back then which was our sites first 10. I remember having MGS contact me with thanks and a few sites writing to me wondering how I got the game so early. It arrived about 4 weeks before release but back in those days I assumed every review site got it. I also asked if I could post my review and got the green light, I did so it helped generate some traffic for the site at the time. It was up for about 2 days before anyone else managed to get one online.
The other review was an old TMNT one I found, nothing exciting about this one except I was a huge Ninja Turtle fan growing up. This cartoon was the most popular cartoon on TV here when I was going to primary school. 
Oh well that was my day, I posted some content, earned a few quest points and stumbled across this little gem. Can you name all the games in this? 

 Another time taker, how many can you identify?
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Thanks dank, I know the frustration from people who do this type of thing. I thought I'd post something meaningful that perhaps one day I'll look back on. To be honest I didn't really structure it to well as I was entertaining my 16 month old son while typing and it jumped around a bit (now that I've read it). I thought if anything I'll give anyone that decided to read the thread an insight into who I am and my history in the gaming industry. I honestly didn't think anyone would even bother reading it. 
Thanks for the follow, I'd be happy to do the same to someone who has been most welcoming.

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It's G'Day mate, geez.....lol 
Throw another shrimp on the barbie. Ok ...... that's enough, time to take another crap on the dunny, better take the thongs off though. :0p

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Which one - there's a few. Can you link me?

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@Ninjaduck88: Thanks, looking forward to spending some time here. Lots of it. Looks like a great community also.
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