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Hey that's awesome to hear there is a whole stock of Transistor development footage they can put something together with in future. I really enjoyed the Building the Bastion series.

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There is a difference between sexually provocative and sexist. Sexist is to portray women in a negative light according to broad ranging stereotypes; such as weak, stupid, emotional to a silly degree, incapable, etc.

A heroine with big tits and a skimpy outfit is not automatically a sexist portrayal of women. Bayonetta, for example, is, I think, a strong and positive female character. A lot of the time I see sexism being incorrectly utilized in criticism of a thing, what the person means is actually something more along the lines of saying the product is tasteless. Meaning being base, using sex appeal blatantly to increase sales and for no other narrative specific reason, trying to appeal to lowest common denominator, lack of craft, etc. None of those things are inherently sexist by definition.

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My Girl. Oh god the feels. T___T

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I didn't think Bluray would succeed as the high capacity disc of choice back when it wasn't clear whether HD-DVD or Bluray would come out ahead. Keep in mind that opinion was formed prior to the release of the PS3.

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No, we get along fine. We're not all on a monthly phone call basis but it's amicable when we do get together.

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Certainly. I like high contrast.

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I wish that I liked Naughty Dog's games. :/

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Order regular black and choke it down like a man. Also, your choice of drink here will determine the future and tone of your relationship with this lady for all time.

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@sooty: I don't recall Martin ever mentioning how many limbs the dragons have in the books. -____-

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Thread of the day.