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Please move the camera to a different position. -____-

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Yeah, this is one of the really shitty things about the illustration industry, sadly. It's one of the many reasons I quit (I was freelancer for several years after uni). No, it's not plagiarism. Yes, developer of Birthday Cake probably did (maybe (might very well have (or not))) yank and repurpose major tenets of this other fellow's art style. However, all of it is just different enough to where Birthday Cake is its own thing and is in no way guilty of IP theft in this case. Derivative, crass, rude, downright low; but legal.

There is supposed to be a sort of gentleperson's agreement amongst illustrators not to do this to each other because it creates a hostile field for everyone involved. Some people choose to be dicks. That is the way of things.

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A baked ham is entirely inedible to me without a sharp mustard to compliment.

Proper mustard use is similar to proper wasabi use. You want the hottest possible to which you can then use small quantity to affect the desired flavour profile. To those who will slather a mass quantity of mild yellow on a hotdog, I say, you there, you need a stronger mustard, moar of the weak yellow will serve you no better and shall drown away your hotdog.

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MOBAs are games. All video games are games. eSports is a misnomer.

Sport, as a concept, is based specifically on athletic competition. I maintain a tighter definition of that than most, i think. I consider things like archery, target shooting, bowling, etc. to be games rather than sport as well.

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@benmo316 said:

I'm starting to hate video games more and more these days.

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I dunno. Something with huge replay. I guess a good Chess game with solid AI opponent programming.

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I hate the word "spoilers" and all that it stands for. What is your brain going to do with stray plot points? Surely knowing what is going to happen will only increase your enjoyment of seeing how the story gets there. Yes, it's a matter of perspective.

No. You are incorrect.

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15-20 drive. This is the easiest commute I have ever had. I love it.

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I'm just coming off a year semi-hiatus from video games. Mostly just watched streams and videos of other people playing during that time. My interest in actually playing them comes and goes.

Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you need a different genre.