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Yes. Short story to that is that I will not date coworkers anymore. If I care about keeping the job. :p

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Not sure appropriate forum to put this, but I think this needs to be a public thread on the site and not relegated to PMs between mod staff and individual users.

I am noticing lately that the moderation on this site has become something much larger than just removal of posts that are in direct violation of site rules. More it seems to be a concerted effort to shape conversation in a particular way. Comments such as, "I'll be skipping this bombcast" have a right to remain visible; their relevance to be judged by the reader as opposed to site staff.

Perhaps I'm wrong in this? Do you think the degree of moderation on this site is acceptable? Too much? Not enough?

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‘This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR,’ says writer Jason Aaron.


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Perma-death and randomly generated level design is key combination to rogue-like-like-esque-ish games. You need the randomness to maintain replayability in conditions where you will die frequently and be forced to start at the very beginning of the game again. If it was the same levels every time, it would be less compelling.

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2. US. Mexico. I live in Canada.

I hate flying for more than a couple hour- no, you know, i hate flying period. Every time i step on a plane I hate it even more than the last time. So i don't foresee my visiting more countries in future. I don't see the point.

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So it's a digital vivarium. I dunno whether i consider that much of a commentary on video games. This is more something I would like to have on my desktop constantly running, provided it didn't cause my computer to chug.

I would also enjoy a Mountain expansion pack that makes it a breast instead of a mountain. With weather effects. I want my living boob to have snow and rain and sun and wind. With wildlife. And vegetation.

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KOTOR 2. I don't understand Bioware. As a developer and as a company. How do you manage to fuck up sequels to good games so badly? I know KOTOR wasn't developed by Bioware. In that particular case, what in gods name were you thinking outsourcing the sequel to one of your best selling and best reviewed titles??? How do you allow it to ship unfinished and broken?

KOTOR 2 isn't the worst game i've played but it absolutely is the most disappointing.

Special mention to Fable 1. Where's my fucking oak tree, Molyneux? D:

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And he did it with keyboard controls, madness.


Don't worry, Pib doesn't actually use the keyboard, it just shows those button prompts.

Now Latedog, the holder of the Hell world record, he uses a keyboard, but he hasn't played Spelunky much lately.

Ouga, WR holder for the 106% Super Meat Boy speedrun, uses keyboard.

I know it sounds mad but it's really just a matter of whatever you learn on and whatever works for you. The guy who won SFIV tourney at Evo yesterday, Luffy (Rose player), plays on a regular PS1 pad.