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" @Landon said:
" Jeff, you're becoming borderline annoying with the "OH IS WUT IS THIS STEAM?!?!?!?" Crap. It would have been funny if it didn't go on for 14 minutes. I don't know, maybe it's me. "
it's you. "
PS3ware.  xD
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Also, garbage day is Friday here.  I have to drag the black bin and the blue bin out to the street or the garbage guys leave me angry letters. 

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@Gnorbooth said:

" @Kajaah117 said:

" @csl316 said:


Quoted for Porcupine Tree. "
Quoted again for more Porcupine Tree!!! "
They should have played Freebird.  YOU DO NOT TURN DOWN A FREEBIRD REQUEST.
These Porcupine fellows are ON NOTICE.  This behavior will not stand. 
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I'm reading The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester right now.  It's very good.  Bester gets some good tension with the reader going when he slowly starts to suggest that the protagonist is probably more ant- than prot- in the agonist scheme of things. 

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For the longest time story held the #1 spot for me.  Now, not quite as much.  I no longer have the kind of free time available to sit down with a long narrative heavy game that I used to, so naturally gameplay has taken precedence.  There is also the issue of not having the patience to tolerate mediocre gameplay just to experience a good story.   I just called it quits with AC:brohood about 70% through, for example, due to lack of enthusiasm about the checkpoint and scripting heavy escort missions the game was laying on thick.  Youtubed the ending, good enough. 

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Why doesn't Rad Spencer look like this in MvC3?  Why why why?  :(

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*piles on FFXIII*
That game is the culmination of a direction they started moving right around FFVIII.  Trying to dismantle and rebuild the core systems of the previous games.  The change in plot delivery.  Character design.  Navigation.  General tone.   Final Fantasy games used to be about very simple straightforward gameplay mechanics, at least superficial open world feeling, and top notch storytelling.  When they tried to move towards more complex gameplay mechanics as well as more rigid linearity (removal of the superficial freedom), they completely lost the charm.  I don't recall anyone complaining about the presence of world maps and airships.  For some reason Square decided that these were cancers that had to be excised.  i dunno what the hell gave them that idea.  In exchange they went absolutely nutso with the levelling systems.  Suddenly we're navigating through mazes and checkboards purchasing licenses and junctioning crap to the other shit that we need to have to use the stuff.  These games didn't need any of that.  None of it was any fun to deal with. 

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@Geno said:
" If the previous year was any predictor:  Best Turn-Based Strategy Game: Black Ops Best Indie Game: Black Ops Best New IP: Black Ops  etc.  "