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you can make pretty damn good coffee with an aeropress with maybe a couple minutes of extra effort....

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@video_game_king said:

Do you post in a thread when somebody bumps/necros?

Do you? .__.

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I like this thread. I'm going to bump it.

When I hear the doorbell I flinch. I jump several feet into the air should anyone be so impertinent as to knock physically upon my door. In response to either, I cautiously skulk towards the window, twitch aside the curtain just far enough to peer through with a single eye, lizard style, then quickly twitch it back closed.

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I'm downloading Dragon's Crown off PSN presently. I continue to be amazed that Sony thinks fucking framerate problems on their fucking store menus is okay thing to let happen.

I'm not in a good mood. Also I hadn't turned on my ps3 in some time and needed to download a large system update, wait a seemingly equally long time for the update to install itself, i go to open the store, apparently the fucking store needs its own patch, which has to be installed, and the whole system needs to reset for the fucking store's patch to work and when i finally -20 minutes later- enter the store, the menus load like fucking garbage baked in molasses and i don't want to be involved with consoles anymore. D:

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i cut my own hair

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I cannot function at an acceptable level -meaning: hold a job- in society without it. Caffeine and also my psych meds, but let's just keep the conversation to caffeine for this thread. I resisted the idea that caffeine is a non-negotiable stimulant for me for a long time. Tried many many alternatives to raise my energy and alertness level. Healthiest of healthy diets, working as hard as I could to keep in tip-top physical condition. It wasn't enough. So this is just the way it has to be. It's not fair, of course. But c'est la vie.

Fortunately I do quite like coffee.

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@cale said:

mexican cartel cut off your face while you are still alive and then put a mirror in front of you before cutting off your dick and balls and shoving them down your throat until you choke to death on them


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Maybe the one involving 'racing' a bobsled in Dirt 3. It's just a time trial course with an absurdly fast completion goal. I tried for several hours. I cursed and i ranted and raved and tried again and again.

I never did manage to get that achievement and that time trial can die in a fire. D:

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That looks disgusting and people who will pay money for it should be ashamed.

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Mew-Genics. Hopefully that's still on course for release this year.