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My god that rent is low. D:

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I would prefer to have my games served to me like a sushi restaurant. A random selection on a series of cute little boats circling round the establishment, and a check box sheet that I use to make specific selections. No talk. No sales pitch. Fast service. I would prefer not to actually see the employees at all.,

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I'm in recovery mode right now. Craving all sorts of salty fatty foods but I know I'll throw up instantly if I try it. Do want cheeseburgers. And lasagna. Right now. *slurp*

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Only from very old first person perspective games. Doom was the worst culprit. Once free-aim became a thing (looking up and down), that was no longer an issue.

Sometimes bad framerate will get me but its fairly rare.

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I continue to be amazed how resistant Square has been to this. it is free money.

They've spoken about it before. Long story short: Midgar alone would bankrupt them. Also, aren't you overestimating the audience for a seventeen year old JRPG?

No, I don't think so.

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*continues to stand on the station platform. in the rain. with a single drooping rose clutched in my hand*

*sniffle* :(

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Final Fantasy VII. Now, say what you will about the quality of that game, I do think it is an important part of the ff series and is maybe the best candidate I can think of for a complete graphical overhaul.

I continue to be amazed how resistant Square has been to this. it is free money.

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Stinky. I hate the sound of this word as pronounced and also don't like that it is cutesy usage of an unpleasant thing.

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Very sick with gastroent right now. No energy to even watch tv. Going back to bed now