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I'm just coming off a year semi-hiatus from video games. Mostly just watched streams and videos of other people playing during that time. My interest in actually playing them comes and goes.

Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you need a different genre.

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ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ

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Dan ball wins the prize. :D

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I'm a reptile person more than mammalian but i'm joining in anyway. Here we have a crested gecko. They all do this. Full extension! Superman form! O___O

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Crisis lines are good. They are available everywhere and always free, always 24/7. I have found the folks on those lines to be immensely helpful when I have been in very bad spots in the past. I still have my local one on my phone, just in case.

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Royal Bank of Canada. They're fine. Good online functionality. They don't call me at home. Maybe I specified no telemarketing calls when I signed on 15 years ago? Who knows. Visa will call on occasion but I never answer when they do. Those folks want to sell their payment protection plans real bad.

Also, you need money, you come to me. Whatever you need. Vig is 200% per week. Bag man comes Thursday at 1am. Sharp. Default is kneecap or thumb, whichever you prefer. I'm an easy going fella like that. <____<

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Looper. 5/10. Don't make that kind of movie if you won't commit to keeping it plot hole free.

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Nuts. I live in Canada but can't provide input on the Wally World games section as I tend to avoid the place. What's the deal with the cent amounts? 0.83? 0.96?

Tony Hawk Shred for a full solid $50 is my favorite. Very good. Very good indeed. That is well done. xD

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Bushido Blade!

Vagrant Story is the notable I missed at the time but I'm not sure if I can go back to that one. Not that it's old. It's that it is an RPG and a pretty long one. It has been some time since I have been able to manage a long game of that sort. Perhaps next time I take a vacation I will see about it. Maybe plow through it in a week.

edit--- so I went to PSN on my PS3 just now to get Odin Sphere. That is one I missed during PS2 era and have not been able to find a reasonably priced copy on disc. Didn't know it was on PSN until today. So it's been about a month since I last turned on my PS3. System update I expected. 12 minutes to download and install that. Select the store. The fucking store tells me it needs its own 65mb update. So fine. 6 minutes later I launch the store. Store takes -i timed- one hundred and thirty-three full seconds to fucking load its own front page. So, 20 minutes from console turned on to me having access to the store's front page.

The whole business chugs just as bad as it did when this new version launched last year. Frame rate issues. On a store. Comprised solely of menus and static images. WTF? Does it run this bad on PS4 too?