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Mario Lost Levels up now. Andrewg will be running Super Mario Bros. warpless category coming up in about 20 minutes. DO NOT MISS. Andrewg is speedrunner masterclass. He has all of the world records for Mario 1 and keeps refining. The any% (warps) category is so optimized at this point that Andrew is trying to cut frames off his best time.

Here's a mirror of the schedule. This one has been up the whole time, no troubles. SDA AGDQ 2014 schedule.

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@feels said:

In Alberta, Canada...

During winter, that picture is more or less everyday over here. Some days worse, some days a little better. Mostly always cold

word to this.

But you forgot to mention that little detail where winter runs October-March

March is an optimistic endpoint to winter for Alberta (I live in Calgary). The cold is usually tapering off by that time but snow will still be a factor in April at least once or twice.

I don't mind too much. It's a hassle of course but the skiing conditions are amazing this season.

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They really need someone to monitor their sound levels. They've been doing half ass soundcheck right at the beginning of the runs and then it's like no one is paying attention to the sound at all thereafter. This RE4 run is unwatchable. I can't hear the commentary and game audio so loud is blowing out my ears. :(

edit--- someone just donated to get a message to them about the audio, it was read on stream, and they still didn't fix it. :(

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That robot did some obscene things to Mario World. D;

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disclaimer: the following list includes only series that have multiple offputting games. I'm not going to include any where only the most recent title made me angry. So no Hitman or Forza, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, etc.

  1. Resident Evil
  2. Final Fantasy
  3. Mortal Kombat (i started to fall off this series around MK3)
  4. Dirt, sadly. I know Codemasters can make excellent driving games, as the F1 series attests, it's disappointing that they went so very extreme sports hammy with their rally series. Hoping the next iteration of Dirt goes back to more of the rally focus and less of the rally-x racing and gymkana stuff.
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Currently playing:

  • F1: 2012
  • Soundodger+ (Steam version)

Nothing on the 'to play' that I currently own the console for. I'm teetering on the fence of a 3DS purchase as there are a handful of titles on that that i am interested in, but not quite ready to pull the trigger on it just yet. No plans for next gen console purchases in upcoming months. There needs to be at least two games available on either that i really really wanna play immediately before I'll consider it. Currently there are zero. From announced titles, there is one, maybe.

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I play games to play. I read books for story. If a game has an okay story then bonus, but I will never excuse a game for allowing the gameplay to take a backseat to the story unless that is the whole point of the game design (Walking Dead, Heavy Rain et al.).

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I get most annoyed with it in games where the enemy unit is supposed to be, or at least ostensibly supposed to be, of the same capability level as the player's. So, things like racing games where the ai cars do not have to abide by the same physical laws as your's does. Fighting game ai characters that have different frame data and can perform combos that are impossible for the player's version of the character to perform. I'm not talking about clearly labelled 'boss' character versions here. I mean, bump the difficulty even slightly in most of the 90's Street Fighter games and you will see some fantastic stunts pulled by the ai of all the normal characters.

I also think excessive checkpointing as a crutch for bad game design is flagrant cheating on the developer's part. You go to such lengths to make death meaningful in your game, then you have these bits where the player is going to die repeatedly because you fucked up and you wanted it to be cinematic in a particular way or something, and player respawns at a location immediately before the death cause. That sucks. Bad. Ditto for most implementation of QTE's.