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It made me consider a Wuu. But I have reconsidered. To not. So no.

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@eskimo: i want a plushie of a sriracha bottle so I can sleep with it. ♥

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I like mayonaisse. It is my second dip of choice for fries; beef gravy being the first. Ketchup is too sweet and I think it spoils the flavour of a lot of things.

I suppose it's pertinent to say here that I use sriracha sauce in most applications other folks are inclined to do ketchup. Hot dogs, for instance, I put mustard and sriracha always. Honestly I don't understand why there isn't a plastic bottle of sriracha on every table of every restaurant and home dining room in the world.

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Grilled if possible. Boiled is perfectly acceptable when convenient. Certain types of bratwurst I actually prefer boiled over grilled. I don't care for pan fried.

I will microwave a hotdog if I must but that's absolutely suboptimal dog preparation.

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This is pretty much the case for all movies I see nowadays. No interest whatsoever in repeat viewings.

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Splendid! O.O

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This includes mental health. Don't be too proud to ask for help. Landing in ER because of something you did because you have mental problems should not be your first indication that maybe you should address them. I lost most of my 20's to depression and anxiety. It didn't have to be that way.

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Game Genie, maybe? This was pre-internet. No googling for codes. If the game wasn't in the book that came with the device, I had no way of finding the codes outside of magazines and asking local game shops if they had codes.

KOTOR 2 left a pretty harsh sting. It starts slow, too. At first it's just noticing the game doesn't look as good as the first one did. Then you notice off things here and there. Rush jobs. Shitty design choices. It's not until near the end that the game reveals to you that it is not even finished. That the last several hours are on fire broken might as well be alpha code.

Money was extremely tight when I was a kid so there aren't many frivolous purchases in my history. Most game purchases occurred after I had rented the game a couple times and found it on discount several months later.