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Xbox 360

(I've requested an invite also on R* social club)


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I cannot believe this. Ryan was a great fella. I'm so shocked.

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A good read. I initially held off on pre-ordering X1 and went PS4 but since the reversal I've now pre-ordered both. Not saying I will pay for them both at launch (maybe eventually) but it's nice to have the option closer to the time, just gonna see how this plays out for a bit then make the jump.

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Great interview!

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This gen my absolute pet hate was screen tearing in games! I wonder with all of these announcements of "Game XYZ runs at 1080p 60fps" will we still see games with screen tearing in order to maintain a steady 60fps.

No one seems to be really talking about it.

I mean sure 60fps but not at the cost of screen tearing, it totally ruins immersion!

So will games that run at 60fps have v-sync enabled - thoughts?

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@ragbag said:

Let's start a kickstarter for this.

This. Lets help a brother out.

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Leading up to the Playstation event next week (20th Feb) Sony is releasing a series of videos looking back a previous consoles. Here are the first two.


I remember a friend had a Playstation way before anyone else, we would sit a play the original Tekken for hours and hours, oh and Wipeout.


I have fond memories of the PS2, at university with group of people rocking the multitap and playing Sydney Olympics 2000. Obviously GTA3 blew my mind. PS2 Still a great machine.

A trip down memory lane, Sony's golden years.

So what were your games of choice?

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Hi, a couple of weeks back we launched Trillek.net and some peeps on here were interested in moderator positions. Well... we have just launched the forums.

Also we are running a contest to win a free copy of 0x10c when it launches, plus first 500 members will receive 'forum founder' title.

you can check out the details here

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Hi guys,

Just a heads up that I have launched a 0x10c related community site trillek.net (trillek means 0x10^c in hex). Please stop by and check out the site. We are looking for help so hit up the contact form if you're interested.


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@ShaneDev said:
Is this a US army recruitment video? The guy presenting seems to have no idea what hes doing.
Yeah, he's struggling a little bit!
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