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Probably cause it's EA and they have a bad reputation

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@patoday: Right, yeah they're good. I've only listened to Power In Numbers and Quality Control tho so I should definitely check out the rest.

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I just discovered MF DOOM...

I've been missing out and now I have a huge backlog.

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Was also planning on Dragon Age, but I guess it's P4AU, more Destiny and maybe Mordor now. Had completely discounted Mordor but the latest story trailer looked pretty cool.

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Elf mage definitely. That's like a mix of the two most underdog things in the world that's begging to get some recognition.

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@corruptedevil: You can loan games at our library for two weeks but yeah, still a pretty rough time to beat a huge rpg in. I'm gonna find some way to play this game though.

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I'm still really bummed it doesn't come for PS4. I'll have to ask if anyone I know can borrow me their PS3 and go rent the damn game, and that means stressin to finish it.


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I'm not in the beta and my PS4 is still being shipped, but I figured I'd send a request anyway.

PSN: kanyerik

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Transistor and the Telltale games. I really liked Banner Saga too, but that was released last year I think.

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Fuck the system, wake up ppl etc.