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Elf mage definitely. That's like a mix of the two most underdog things in the world that's begging to get some recognition.

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@corruptedevil: You can loan games at our library for two weeks but yeah, still a pretty rough time to beat a huge rpg in. I'm gonna find some way to play this game though.

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I'm still really bummed it doesn't come for PS4. I'll have to ask if anyone I know can borrow me their PS3 and go rent the damn game, and that means stressin to finish it.


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I'm not in the beta and my PS4 is still being shipped, but I figured I'd send a request anyway.

PSN: kanyerik

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Transistor and the Telltale games. I really liked Banner Saga too, but that was released last year I think.

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Fuck the system, wake up ppl etc.

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@jeffgerstmann 34m

Dear people acting like shit on the internet in the name of Giant Bomb: You don’t represent us or our community. Stop it.

@alex_navarro 4m

Here is me saying this out loud. Attacking women with hateful slurs because they’re criticizing our site is beyond unacceptable.

What is happening? Who is doing what and why?

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I'm so much more invested in the Dragon Age world so it easily tops it, but I'd be lying if I said that it'd also probably be most well-recieved. I really didn't like Witcher 1 but CDPR seems to have grasped how to make a good video game with what they've showed and talked about since. BioWare is so good at world building tho that even if the game-part of it was mediocre I'd be dying to get back in and explore that place.

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Shadow Broker, Overlord and Citadel were the highlights for me, and I bought everything except the weapon and costume packs. I'd say skip all the ME1 stuff, ME2 ranges from awesome to average so I think you'll enjoy your time however many of them you buy. And as for ME3's DLC the only one I didn't like was Omega.

Fun to experience it all for the first time!

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I never thought he was that bad, but now that just means that this video confirmed by preconceptions of him and that I really was just thinking of him as a concept, and now that I know that maybe everyone I think I know are just concepts of that person and not really the persons, and my view of my family is only of the family concept and maybe I don't really know anyone at all. :(