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Also saw the new Captain America: 3,5/5

Really liked the Zola part, the rest was also pretty solid.

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Gone Home's ending was really cool imo

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I lost interest in the Swapper when the puzzles started taking too long for my dumb brain to handle

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Yung Lean is probably the best music Sweden ever produced, fuck ABBA and all that bullshit

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I almost never play a game after I've finished it so the only time I can even remember doing it was with Fez, and it's because it felt like the first ending was actually just a mid-break on the way to the actual finish. Which it also was.

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My macbook just died from water damage and I'm now buying a pc.

Is there ANY way to download a save from someone else or has a save generator finally been created?

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I played some game where you were an archer on the left side of the screen and shot baloons that came up on the right on different formations. I have no idea what it's called and it would be awesome if anyone recognizes this and knows the name.

The first game I played that I also know the name of is Earthworm Jim on the SNES or some of the real early NHL on PC.

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I watched Rush and even without really knowing anything about racing I enjoyed it quite a bit. Some cheesy dialogue here and there but overall really good.


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It should not be impossible to make it a challenge while still awesome to play. And I've never played Dark Souls because it seemed unfair but you and a lot of other guys describing how fun the bosses are makes me wanna try the second one!