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To this day, I have no fucking idea why a proper KOTOR 3 wasn't made or can't be made.

KOTOR might be the last Bioware game I really loved. Mass Effect never really hit the same spot for me.

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The 360 catalog of games available to buy digitally on day 1 might convince me to buy it at launch. I sold my 360 a while ago and it would be awesome to catch up on the back catalog while waiting for all the new games to come out.

Also, it would be nice if Microsoft could see the light and allow access to Netflix, Hulu, and so on with just a silver membership, but my guess if they'll have another tier for those people who don't want gold but want video streaming.

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CD Projekt red sounds good.

Witcher 2 boobs meet Game of Thrones boobs.

Everybody wins.

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Trying to sift through MW3, LA Noire, Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, and Skyrim as well as a ton of downloadable games that I bought but haven't gotten to yet.

Finally have some free time to catch up before I fall behind again this holiday.

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Polis for President

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Both of these guys are badass and I don't give a shit how the media portrays them because being President is a tough-ass job where you can't please everybody.

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You are all jerks. This is a proven fact.


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I don't have one anymore because I only played it at home, and at that point, why would I play on the psp or vita when I could just play my ps3. My lifestyle just doesn't fit with a handheld system. If I really need something to play I'll just download something quick and cheap on my iPhone.

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Whiskey Media Live Audience Laugh Track.

I sit next to everyone during every video and laugh at the funny parts.

Because I'm really good at that.

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If it is a good and likeable character, then yea. If he's just gay for the sake of being gay or just to make the game stand out, then I might pass on it.