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It happens. Sometimes I get steamrolled by a group of randoms, sometimes I get to steamroll over them.

It's common in random games with people you most likely don't communicate a lot. It has nothing to do with you, personally...

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I really am not a fan of their "find your own fun" kind of game, and I barely stand playing more than half an hour of the broken campaign missions. Because at the time, being an "open world adventure game" meant "being a GTA knockoff", I was convinced I didn't like the genre at all.

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28 is a nice number, but it is not the kind of games that could move units.

Add me to the people surprised this is not packed in. It looks like the kind of game that exists solely for the propuse of convincing people of the value of the new gimmick.

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Independence Day, Resurgence (2/5): It is just mediocre and boring, which is about the worst thing a movie like ID4 can be. The actors lack any kind of charisma and their performance is really, really bad, making it feel really dragged. The action is competently shot, but adds nothing and feels so middle of the road, that I could as well watch someone watch the action.

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Do boss battles count? Then, probably this one from X:

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Otherwise, VI and VIII are my favorites

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First one I played was the ZX Spectrum (although I don't know if it counts as "a console"). First one I owned was the Atari 2600.

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Not for me.

Mine were Robotech/Macross, Great Mazinger and Captain Tsubasa. In fact, I was into Dragon Ball (original), Slayers and Saint Seiya way before I saw DBZ. I saw other early anime before those, like Kimba, Heidi, Marco and Gatchaman, but I wasn't a fan of those.

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@paulmako: For me it was forcing me to have high enough intelligence and science to visit the Institute. I am sure there has to be an alternate path if you want it, but that kind of points to my original point. If one built only has to push a button to continue the main quest, while other has to have the right alignment and do a hours long quest to get the right companion (in case you haven't lost it already), then the builds are not equivalent.

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Yeah, I had a similar experience with Borderlands 2.

I played a ton of 2 with friends, so once we pretty much completed all content, we decided to play 1 co-op. I had already completed 1, and I liked it (in fact, it was my first platinum). However, going back to it from 2 was almost painful. The worst part, for me, was the UI. Not that 2 didn't have problems in that area, but it is still a much smoother UI than 1. Also, I didn't remembered 1 being so repetitive and short at the time. Everything is a mad max mountainous desert or a dilapidated shanty town.

Also, Borderland 2's story and characters run with advantages over 1, because the first game barely has a story and only a handful of characters that are barely defined. It also has one of the most boring opening chapters. By contrast, most of the Borderlands 2 characters sound like they were written by a bunch of Internet-raised, standup aspiring teenagers, but at least they are written as something.

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I had an issue with difficulty spikes and upgrade systems. Like, when a boss requires a certain path of your upgrade system to be beatable. That is particularly egregious in games that motivate you to explore a wide range of character customization but only a handful allow you to complete the main quest (Fallout 4, Deus Ex, Alpha Protocol), but also on games that force you down a path when one skill becomes mandatory, so I hope you spent the entire game up to that point working toward it (Arkham Knight).