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Start with Spec Ops. It is short enough to be completed in a single day. It will be an excruciating, soul crushing day, but it is still a great game... You may even mix it up with some Rogue Legacy and Hotline Miami; both are fairly long, but you can get a solid idea of whether you want to play them to completion after a couple levels.

After that you may want some saccharine to get the ashes taste from your mouth. Ni No Kuni, maybe...

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Many people here need to chill out. This is just another example of the Internet as a whole being random, prone to easy jokes and unpredictable...

I get that some people might get confused about the use other people do to their money, but this is hardly the place to get pissed off about it. This is a gaming site and a gaming forum: it is trivial by design. For every post in this forum about "they should give the money to the poor", there are hundreds about paying real money for some random early access junk.

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God of War 1

I bought it bundled when I got my PS2. I had made no research at all about what it was...

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X-Men 2

Not that the plot is flawless, but the other movies have plotholes big enough a truck could drive through...

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The PS Move...

Made worst because the slim PS3 doesn't even have the ports to plug it in, so I guess Sony gave up on it before I did...

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Out of the options: Ketchup

But, for real, mustard.

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Blankets, carpets or towels is the most economic idea, but I don't know how feasible it is since you complained about the heat on your first post...

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Ok Colombians, you got us out of the World Cup (admittedly, you played better than us), and squashed our hopes of repeating past glories...

All is forgiven if you take Brasil out of this tournament. Seriously, you now have two countries rooting for you... Lets hope the twelfth Brazilian player does not make such a difference on this match.

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Not going to defend Suarez's bite. It was foolish of him, and he could have gotten a red card when there was no excuse to get himself out...

But I don't think Italy deserved to win. As proven by the way the team changed gears after the goal, they were not trying before. They knew a draw worked for them and got ultra defensive and making time at every chance. It was the same they did during the 2006 World Cup... By the time Godin got the goal, they tried to get into the offensive, but neither team had changes left to switch strategy.

If Italy played all the match like they did the last 15 minutes, it could have been an easy win against Uruguay; but it was too little, too late...

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let's go uruguay. this is it...

edit: hell yeahhhh!!