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I skip most of the side podcast content (like 8-4 play, Alt + F1 or the powerbombcast), because I am not particularly interested in their topics. The only one I consume religiously (besides the giant bombcast, of course) are the box office bomb ones...

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Ehh... no.

It is declining. Or, more accurately, it is back to less hyperbolic sales numbers. But it is far from dead... There are still a lot of people that will buy the next COD on release date and drop the previous one like they were disposable tissue papers.

I guess as the public grows, they become more savvy to realize there are other, perfectly valid options, for FPS action; and that the new COD is not really new...

But its still mad popular with a certain demographic...

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It used to be New York, which luckily I already did.

Now I am planning to visit Japan some day.

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Use comfortable shoes, or socks you can walk on. Get up and walk a little after a couple hours...

If you have problems with legs room, try to book on the emergency door line, otherwise try to get an aisle seat (in fact, if you take into account my previous advise, try to get an aisle seat so you don't disturb other passengers when you get up)

Get a load of activities queued up to keep you busy. Long podcasts, videogames or movies on your tablet, for example. Many airports sell sudoku or puzzles magazines, which can be useful if you are into that stuff (in which case, keep a pen in your pocket)

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Yeah... I was also confused until I noticed the MGS episode 4 was still there.

At least, they should have both boxes, or the union of the content with some way to distinguish between "coming soon" and "already out"

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Yep. I'm being painted as horrible person because journalists are attacking horrible people that are also gamers. Now who's playing the victim?

Yep. And Fox News constantly attacking criminals who are black and Hispanic is in no way Fox News attempting to push a narrative that blacks and Hispanics are criminals and dangerous. Any black or Hispanic that gets upset by Fox News' biased and racially motivated journalism is just playing the victim. Right?

It wouldn't matter if they "meant me" or not when they're attempting to make people who watch anime or sexually permissive content into sexists and misogynists. It wouldn't matter if they "meant me" when they're judging their audience by their race. You're okay with being told that "you're one of the good ones", I'm not.

Don't see the correlation here. These articles are coming from self-identified 'gamers' who think the gaming community/geek culture can do better/be better. And they're right.


At no point are they separating themselves from the crowd of people who like games, they are saying we should do something about the way we let those that are more radical portrait us. Their perspective is from within the community looking at those among us that misrepresent us. I can't just hide my head under the sand and pretend they don't exist, and that those who have been exposed are just over reacting out of ignorance. I am not happy with having to say "I am one of the good gamers" because the term is being associated with teenage kids spewing curse words at strangers; but that is a grudge I hold against the people that act like that, not against the people that may be confused by their very vocal presence.

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I remember I saw this jewel of a cutscene before I saw the game itself and completely turned my off on it.

Sorry, I can stomach those things in DMC (being about superhuman demons and stuff), but I could not stomach this in a game everyone was trying to sell me as one of the greatest stories in videogames (at the time)

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This is not really a bug, more like a suggestion.

I believe it is impossible to access old content on the mobile site... or, at least, its more difficult than with the web interface. In the podcast section (web), there is the "latest content" section that allows to access old content, but that section doesn't exist on the mobile version. That problem is accentuated with the premium content, since series like the powerbombcast, Alt+F1 or the box office bomb don't have a section of their own, so if two episodes are uploaded in close proximity, the first one will be unavailable through the premium podcast option. If the link in the news section left the first page, it becomes virtually impossible to find it, since the mobile version doesn't allow to browse through older news either...

It would be helpful if: a) they expand the submenu of the content so that it doesn't all goes to the premium submenu or, b) they add a way to browse through previous content of the same menu option in the mobile site.

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@babychoochoo: At which point adding options doesn't beat the idea of standard?

This are all anime characters to me. Having someone that is reasonably proportioned and dressed is kind of new, even if they look bland by comparison.

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@babychoochoo: He doesn't have pointy hair or unrealistic colors, and the ratio of accessories versus clothes seems realistic, so he looks a lot different than the standard anime character...

OT: I liked him. He seems normal, and I don't mean that as a negative. I guess after a lot of anime and JRPG characters looking like fashion shows escapee, I welcome someone that looks like it would belong into the real world.