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I am on the opposite side... I almost never consider replaying a game if it doesn't have NG+.

At least with NG+, I can cruise through the game to see different choices or endings, without having to grind...

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  • Super Mario 1
  • Braid
  • Portal 2
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Starcraft 2
  • Skyrim
  • Mortal Kombat 2
  • Soul Calibur
  • Metal Slug


  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • DMC / Bayonetta
  • Forza
  • Street Fighter 4
  • DOTA
  • Dark Souls

Note that in none of those cases, the idea is not to master any of those games, but to reach a certain level of familiarity and competency.

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You should focus on length of the games, so that you can clean your backlog more effectively.

Dust, DMC, Mark of the Ninja and Mirror's Edge are all good games with reasonable times.

Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs are pretty cool games, but they require some lengthy commitment...

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The Carl Stalling Project:

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@nasar7: I wasn't talking about which is better; I was talking about which one aged better, and in that sense, I think 2's special effects still look modern, while the same can't be said of 1.

I still believe the first one is, overall, a better movie, but as many people pointed out, they are pretty different from one another.

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Yeah... he is pretty good.

As others have said, after Vinny left, the podcast was in need of someone that felt enthusiastic about games and stuff. I think he is a good counterpart to Jeff and he is so different on opinions that it brings new things to the table (I enjoyed his defense of Mario Sunshine).

He tried melting egg shells. I love this son of a bitch.

Also, from his story, he tried melting egg shells as an adult.

Man, they should really do the "feeding Dan" segment. That kind of obliviousness can't be wasted.

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@nasar7 said:

@rachelepithet: They are very different films. Also, I think 1 has aged better than 2.

I think you are wrong. I recently saw both of them and some of the effects in Terminator 1 (particularly, the part it fixes itself), looks terrible by today standards.

By comparison, T2 special effects look just as good now as they did back then...

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Short disclosure first: When eating cow, people in my country tend to leave nothing behind... NOTHING. So, there are weird dishes that include the kidneys, the brain, the guts, the blood, etc... what in english you call "offal".

Funny thing is, in general, I like a lot of those "side dishes" more than the asado, which is closest we get to beef.

The other things are whatever... but the blood? That is possibly the grossest most disease ridden thing you can consume from an animal.

Well... its not like we drink it straight up like we were a bunch of vampires. ;)

Its processed into a sausage called "morcilla". There is even a sweet variety that include raisins, but I am not a fan of those...

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Coming from someone that considered it one of my favorite series of the PS2 generation, and did a similar marathon up until 3, let me advice you: abandon this quest. Nothing like too much of a good thing to lose all interest in it.

By the time you reach 3 you will be so overblown by the samey combat, poor writing and characterizations that go all over the place, that you will end up hating the series.

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@samael2138 said:

I think that Microsoft's willingness to actually listen to their user base is refreshing.

Yeah, real refreshing to see a company to suck up to the consumers only after they have receiving an financial ass kicking. It is real heart warming to see that company is willing to do what you asked them to do, only when it is their last option.

Cursed if you do, cursed if you don't.

  • Make the changes, and people will accuse you of bending over pressure, being a coward and not having enough faith in your original proposal...
  • Don't make the changes, and people will accuse you of being headstrong, having lack of touch with your audience and force situations based on hubris...

The difference, as always, is not on the message, but the delivery...