Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 10)

Danni wrote the entirety of this one. So the props goes all the way to her

Middas, 5th of Sun's Dusk, 4E201

My companion and I, followed by Tolfdir, rushed into the Hall of Elements to confront Ancano. The elf babbled something about having the power to destroy the world, and that we could not stop him. Tolfdir threw a fireball at him, but the spell seemed to have no effect - with a manic laughter, Ancano welcomed the power from the Eye as it cracked open, filling the room with a blinding flash, as well as creating what I found were called Magical Anomalies. The professor screamed to me, telling me to use the Staff of Magnus, before being paralyzed alongside my companion. I had almost forgotten that I wielded the Staff, and my grip around it grew tighter in a teeth-gritting anger.

The Staff's power forced the Eye closed once again, and Ancano was made vulnerable: his attempts to force the powerful artifact open left him defenseless, and I swung my axe down on his neck, killing him instantly with a sickening crack. Tolfdir and the Khajiit worked to destroy the Anomalies as I caught my breath and allowed my brain to understand what was going on.

The college and everybody in it celebrated, and I was named the Arch-Mage, though I feel the title was wasted on me.

But as I lay in bed, the festivities dying down as the sun comes up; I realize I have done something terribly, terribly wrong.

I love you.



Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 9)

Early Morning of Middas, 5th of Sun's Dusk. 4E201

As the dragon crumbled to pieces, its bones becoming dust; I opened the gate for my friend and we continued onward. Soon, after letting her heal me despite numerous attempts to remind her that I was fine, we were met with a booming voice speaking to us in what I recognized as the dragon tongue, though I could only make out bits and pieces of what the voice was saying. After heading deeper, it hesitantly switched to speaking in the common language. It spoke of Savos Aren, asking if he had returned to finish what he started. I made no attempt to reply, and my companion seemed utterly bewildered. We travelled even further into the depths, stumbling upon ghostly draugr - their appearance made me worry that my axe would be ineffectual, but thankfully Wuuthrad cut through them like any other being.

As we trudged deeper we finally found the main chamber, and what we saw was a strange sight indeed. Two ghostly wizards were casting a spell on what looked like a high priest to a very dark cult. I realized I had fought one of them before, and they were a formidable foe indeed. That's when I noticed it was holding the staff. I surveyed the area before slowly enroaching one of the wizards, my friend breathing shakily behind me.

The ghostly visage of the mage was a miserable one - it looked as though it had been drained and was left as a husk to contain this cult priest. As I stepped closer, it looked at me with pleading eyes, and I understood what I had to do. I brought my axe down on his neck and he disappeared in an instant, the shield around the high priest weakening. Neither I nor my friend thought it was a good idea to free the priest, but I needed the staff now before the college and - dare I say - Winterhold itself would be destroyed by whatever foul intentions Ancano had. I ended the suffering of the other ghost with another swing, and the high priest broke free.

It immediately started flinging strong magic at us both: ice spikes; fireballs that exploded with strong shockwaves and tremendous heat; it seemed to put every ounce of strength into attempting to kill us. My companion fired arrows and venemously threw magic right back at it as I joined in with my own bow - the two of us brought him closer until he was below the outcropping I was stood on and then I jumped, bringing the axe down violently. He let out a horrid cry as his ragged robes and mask fell into a pile of clothes, his ghostly being dissipating. After letting out a deep breath, I grabbed the mask and staff before turning and leaving to head back to the college.

As I write this, my Khajiit friend told me to come back to bed. Chuckling, I denied her offer. Do not worry, love, because every occasion we had to sleep, it has been apart. I have taken comfort in sleeping under my blanket or on nearby couches, thinking of you as my companion sleeps soundly in beds. I'm running out of space on this scroll again. I think I may be rivalling the Elder Scrolls themselves now in length of my letters.

With much love, Wuulfräd.

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Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 8)

Late Night of Tirdas, 4th of Sun's Dusk 4E201

Now, my beloved, comes a grim part of my story of events. Upon arriving back at the college, we found Savos and Mirabelle attempting to force down a ward that was blocking the way to the Hall of Elements. We asked what had happened, and were told that Ancano - the Thalmor elf from earlier - was the one who put up the ward, and that he was doing something to the Eye of Magnus. The four of us cast our best magicka at the ward, and when it was successfully broken, we confronted Ancano to see what he had to say for himself - but as Savos approached him, a blinding flash of light struck us, and I'm not sure what happened next. When I gained control of my senses again, my ears were ringing as I forced myself to my feet, and I was met with the sight of Mirabelle wounded. She told me that she would be fine, but I must find Savos, as he had been flung clear.

When my Khajiit companion had recovered from the confusion and ringing ears, we headed outside to find a saddening sight. Savos was dead, surrounded by mages who were confused and upset. Tolfdir approached me, asking what had happened - I explained, and he told me I should hurry to Labyrinthian and find the Staff of Magnus, as it may be the key to solving all of this.

With a nod of mutual determination, my Khajiit friend and I headed off.

When we reached Labyrinthian we had a nasty surprise ahead of us - a frost troll infestation. We took to the nearest high ground we could find for a vantage point and began felling the beasts with our bows. When we had finished, we explored the old ruin trying to find any entrance we could; leading me to come across something interesting. It was an ancient stone tablet written in Old Nord, nestled on a pedestal - good thing I had so many books to read during my trial of solitude, as I could translate it with little difficulty.

"Hail All - Brave City Bromjunaar

Forever These Walls Shall Stand

May Enemies See Her Majesty

May All Quake to Behold Her"

My Khajiit companion was most interested in the tablet's scripture, though neither of us had any clue what it meant. I looked up from the tablet at the wall it was in front of, and I suddenly remembered that Mirabelle had handed me a peculiar item before we had left - upon pulling it out of my pack I noticed it was as black as night and seemed to match the wall. Approaching the obstacle in my path, I noticed that there was a place for the item I was given so I attached it and pulled, causing the wall to sink in with a rumble and a shake. Impressed by my puzzle-solving, my friend gave me a smile of awe and took a deep breath, standing in front of the new doorway. We steeled ourselves as we headed inside.

Just as we entered, ghostly apparitions appeared in front of us. I readied my axe, but these ghosts did not appear to be hostile - in fact, they did not seem to notice us at all. They looked as though they were Mages, and I recognized one of them as a younger Savos Aren. I asked my companion if she could see the apparitions as well but her expression told me otherwise. I waved her question of "see what?" off as the ghosts began speaking.

Why did I see this? I don't know. Perhaps the explosion back at the college had caused some connection between Savos and I, but that may be too far-fetched for even you to accept. I do not recall what the apparitions spoke of now, but I remember one of them being apprehensive about entering the ruins, while Savos and a few other Mages were eager to prove themselves to the college.

The ghosts disappeared and we ventured further into the ruin of Bromjunaar. We came upon a large chamber blocked off by iron bars and a lever, which despite our better judgement we thought little of, leaving my friend stuck behind them as the bars were too quick in their descent for her to follow after letting me through. The ground shook ferociously, leaving a terrible feeling in my gut - something big resided in this chamber. Something very big indeed. I saw a large group of skeletons stagger their way toward me from the other side of the dusky, misty chamber, and the ground shook harder as I saw something appear from the fog. A dragon rendered down to just bones let out a roar that echoed around me, and was clearly capable of animation despite its state as it charged with intent to kill. My Khajiit companion supported me through the bars with her bow as I ducked behind pillars and scrambled for constant safety, dodging its breath as it unleashed flame and ice at me. The skeletons were quickly cut down with my axe as they got in my way.

With arrows bouncing off of its mighty bones distracting it, I threw my weight into every hit I swung at the creature, eventually crumbling it into dust and bones with little but a few scratches and burns. Sorry to alarm you with the way I must end this letter, but I assure you of my safety. I am simply running out of paper again. I really must cut down the length of my stories. I love you.

- Wuulfräd


Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 7)

Hello again! With jobseeking taking up most of my time now and stressing me the hell out, I decided to take a break from it all by once again returning to this little sideproject. It's fun! and it entertains and gives my girlfriend something to do also. I mean, I write the skeleton and then she just magically transforms the entire text into something more, something alive. It's hard to describe but I am always impressed when her final text arrives. So, here's the next letter.

Tirdas, 4th of Sun's Dusk, 4E201

Dear Beloved, It did not take long for more incredible things to happen after I had handed my letter to the nearest courier. I convinced Savos Aren that we needed to find the Staff of Magnus - keeping from him the slight detail of the Psijic Order, of course - and he told us both that we should speak to Mirabelle, who had previously been questioned by some Imperial mages about the same subject. Mirabelle recalled that these Imperials were from the Synod, and that they came to the college to question the members about the Staff. When they were turned away empty-handed, their secondary plan was to head towards the sprawling Dwemer ruins of Mzulft, which apparently held a derelict observatory that would somehow help them locate the Staff of Magnus.

My Khajiit companion and I headed off towards the ruins, ensuring our armour was fitted and my pack was filled with supplies - she had an almost motherly, demanding tone of voice when she urged me to ensure I had everything I needed. It only worsened my homesickness as it reminded me of you. After a decent, tiring trek and a uncomfortable night's rest, we finally reached Mzulft and cautiously entered the ruins. Almost immediately we found a wounded Imperial mage named Gavros, who was ambushed while trying to reach the Oculory where another member of the Synod, Paratus, was safe and secure. Before leaving our mortal coil he shakily told us that he was bringing a focusing crystal to the observatory, but it was stolen by one of the Falmer lurking in the ruins. I laid him to rest, wrapping him in his robes and closing his eyes. My companion murmured a prayer to Mara before we headed deeper inside Mzulft.

I wish you could be here to see these incredible places, my love. The expressions of sheer wonder on my friend's face is a joy to behold, and I would love to see your own. We finally found some Falmer dwellings, as well as the creatures that lived there. Our attempts to sneak around them were in vain, and we were forced to cut them down. My companion remarked to herself in awe that the Falmer have incredible senses to make up for their blindness - I am amused, to say the least, as every step into these ruins brings her more and more delight.

One of the Falmer had the focusing crystal, so we pocketed it for when we found the Oculory. Upon arriving, we knocked on the door, and Paratus, thinking we were his friend Gavros, opened it - his expression changed to fear and surprise when he saw us both standing there. We calmed him down and learned that he was the last survivor of the Synod party that came to Skyrim due to the strong magick of the Eye. They were going to use the Oculory to find it using methods I am mostly ignorant of, as they had no knowledge of where the exact location was. After helping Paratus focus the crystal with frost and fire spells, the Oculory displayed a giant map of Skyrim on the walls.

All of us were in awe at the display, but only Paratus changed his tone to aggression as he became suspicious of the College of Mages and their intentions. I did not tell him about the Eye and instead shifted the topic to the Staff, and after a quick glance he told me it was in some unknown part of Skyrim called Labyrinthian. I said my goodbyes to this mage, who was clearly going insane from the time spent in solitude in this ruin. We headed back to the college, and since I am running out of paper to write on, I must end my story there for now.

Do not panic, dear. When I make remarks about my travelling companion, it is not out of lust or attraction; it is merely out of amusement and curiosity, as she reminds me of you with every trait I learn about her. My heart remains loyal.



Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 6)

It certainly has been a while hasn't it? Safe to say, life got in the way, and life will continue to do so. But this was a nice escapists project to do and so it continues.

I must again greatly thank my wonderful girlfriend for spellchecking and just in general improving my text to heights much higher than mine.

Loredas, 1st of Sun's Dusk 4E201

Dear Beloved, Since my last letter to you, so many things have happened at once in a spiral of events following a particular...thing. I finally have some time to myself, which I will use to its fullest to alert you to the madness that has taken hold of my life. It has been such a long time since I last sent words to you, so it is hard to find a place to begin. I think my last letter referred to the Bosmer who taught me how to smith Elven armour, so I shall start from there.

Shortly after putting his teachings to good use and crafting myself a set of sturdy armour, I was called to Dragonsreach to deliver the Dragonstone to the Jarl of Whiterun's mage. An alarm was sounded as soon as the stone entered his hands - one that informed everyone in the room that a dragon had been spotted south of Whiterun, circling one of their outposts. Every able fighter was called to combat, including me, even though all I had done to survive the encounter in Helgen was run away. I had little time to check that my Elven armour was fitted, but I readied my steel battleaxe and accompanied the Jarl's Dunmer Housecarl with a group of Whiterun's finest soldiers.

I assume you can guess what we witnessed next. As we drew closer to the outpost, all we saw was smoke, and when we had finally arrived, the sight was less than pretty. Entire walls had been demolished, and guardsmen were strewn about, some mutilated by flame and claw. There were only three survivors, who were hiding in the main tower - these men looked frightened to death. A loud roar called us all to attention - the dragon swooped down for more, and the battle began. I charged the beast and brought down a strong hit on it's neck with my battleaxe. It roared in pain and attempted to bite me whole, but I rolled out of the way and sprinted for cover behind a wall as it spat fire at me. The soldiers of Whiterun drew the dragon away from me with arrows, and the lizard took to the skies with enough strength to shake the earth beneath us.

It roared flame at any guardsmen that were unfortunate enough to be exposed, searing flesh from bone. Keeping my mind on anything but the screams of terror, I came up with an opportunity. In what you would have surely called a fool's endeavour, much to my amusement; I climbed onto the wall and leapt as soon as the dragon was low enough. The world felt as if it had slowed down as I swung my axe and embedded it into the monster's neck, causing a roar of agony. His sudden wobbling and thrashing caused me to lose grip of the axe, and I fell, watching it crash into the ground with a mighty thud. Before he had a chance to get up again, I forced the blades deeper into his wound, and as I saw the life drain from his eyes I finally had a chance to catch my breath.

But what happened next was...something nobody expected, to say the least.

The dragon's scales and flesh began to burn by itself, as it engulfed by a mighty fire. Magical energy forced itself into my very being as the dragon was rendered down to nothing but bone, and I felt a word echoing through my mind. I suddenly understood it as the word that the wall had taught me in the unknown language. A primal urge consumed me, and I took a deep breath, then unleashed a loud "FUS!", causing what I think was a gust of wind to flow forth from me. I marvelled at this new feeling, and hadn't noticed the guards and housecarl approaching. I turned around to hear murmurs and whispers, the expressions of confusion and suspicion on many faces as they spoke of a "Dragonborn."

The men and women of the guard didn't get much time to marvel at what they thought was a hero, as the housecarl called us back to Whiterun. As we trekked the way back, every curious eye was on me, and they continued to whisper. All was normal when we returned to Whiterun, but the dismissed guards began spreading rumour and gossip. As soon as I had set foot in Dragonsreach to report to the Jarl, another booming call was heard - it was a collection of voices, all summoning "Dovahkiin". I had understood at this point that they were calling for me.

But who "they" were, I had no knowledge of. The Jarl and his mage, Farengar, informed me that it was the Greybeards; powerful men who spent lifetimes training their voices in solitude. I was required to climb up to High Hrothgar, which was nestled atop the Throat of the World - but not before being declared the Thane of Whiterun and receiving my own house, named Breezehome. I thanked the Jarl for his generosity, but had no time to rest as I began my long, arduous trek up the tallest peak in Tamriel.

The Greybeards taught me more words, and how to hone my voice. My knowledge increased and Fus became Fus Ro, and I learned Wuld, a word I can speak to travel long distances in a short amount of time. These Greybeards want me to continue searching the land for Word Walls, as they call them, to learn more words of power and to become stronger.

After demonstrating my ability to quickly learn and perform these Shouts, as they call it, Greybeard Arngeir sent me on a final trial to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. As I descended the mountain, I passed out from exhaustion, and the next time I opened my eyes, I was rested in Vilemyr Inn of the village called Ivarstead.

After that, my memory is foggy, and I have reason to believe my mind tucked itself away whilst my body acted on its own accord. Apparently I have done so much in the time I haven't written to you. I am now the Harbinger of the Companions, when I was once but an apprentice. I now wield Wuuthrad, the battleaxe of Ysgramor himself, after finding the pieces and allowing Eorlund Gray-Mane to reforge it whole. I have found and cleansed Azura's star, although I am unsure of what to do with such an artifact now it is in my possession. I have been to many Dwarven ruins, one of which was vast and large and now once again houses the Lexicon, an object of knowledge given to me by a disturbed Argonian who told me to return it to where it came from.

I've wandered much of Skyrim's landscape now, but thankfully I haven't done it alone. I came across a Khajiit adventurer who reminds me a lot of you. We've travelled across these lands helping people with their plights and worries.

My latest adventure involved joining the College of Winterhold. Although you may mock me, dearest, as I have always been a man of steel and not spells, I have learned a fair bit. I may even be on-par with you! (That is a joke. I beg of you, please, do not challenge me to battle your Sparks should I see you again. I still regret the last time I did.) I helped the mages find a great artifact in an old ruin called Saarthal. I appear to have ventured into something big with this "Eye of Magnus" of theirs, as this huge, floating and rotating ball has perplexed us all with its intricate writing, carved in a language nobody in these halls has knowledge of.

A mage of the Psijic Order came to the college to speak to me privately. So privately, in fact, that he froze time itself. Remind me not to insult a Psijic mage. He warned me that the Eye was too powerful for these people to handle, and that something bad is going to happen whether I like it or not. "You cannot stop it", he said, "but you can deal with the aftermath" - though what this aftermath is, the Order does not know. I was instructed to speak to the Augur of Dunlain, an old student of the college, who has changed into something...different, apparently. It was all the mage would tell me before unfreezing time and leaving in a hurry. The Thalmor elf Ancano (who I wish would do something treacherous so I can bury Wuuthrad in his skull) was displeased, which amused me greatly. I visited Tolfdir to ask about Augur, and I was told to go beneath the college, where I found him...or, it, as he was apparently a field of pure magicka. It spoke to me just as any sentient being would, and after a short conversation, I learned that Ancano had also sought knowledge, and that I must find the Staff of Magnus.

And here I am, catching my breath as I write this letter to you from the college. I miss you greatly, beloved. My Khajiit friend prefers to keep to herself, but she really does remind me of you, even though it's been a long time since I've seen your face or heard your voice. I showed her this letter and received a big smile in response. Coyly, she replied that you were very lucky to have me, and I jokingly agreed - but the truth is, I am the one who is lucky to have you.


So some out of character info then. I have been playing occasionally on and off without writing this, so much of this ofcourse is recollection and looking at the quest log. My character is now level 30, wielding Wuuthrad with Elven armor and Krosis as his helmet. With my highest skill of 86 of Two-handed.


Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 5)

Two in one day? No wai! Yes wai! Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend who helped me crank this out :)

23rd of Last Seed 4E 201

I approached a peculiar door at the end of the chamber with circular patterns on it. I saw the last mural and recognized it instantly - Talos. I keep thinking back to how old this temple was, and this only increased that wonder.

I inspected the door, and found another puzzle. The golden claw had three prods on it and the door had three holes, but on the claw were also markings. I had to turn some of the rings on the door to properly get the claw to fit.

Turning the rings on the door was incredibly taxing, as if the machinery behind the door would break at the slightest movement.

As I arranged them in the right order I put the claw in and turned it like a key, then pulled it out. The door shook and slowly fell down, and I moved on, entering a large chamber. What struck me was a giant stone...A semi-circle wall that seemed to compel me to move closer with the sound of chanting. There was strange writing carved into the stone, and it seemed to burn brightly with a blue fire. It darkened my vision until nothing came into my sight aside from the carvings.

As I came to touch it, a word flooded into my mind - an alien word. I didn't have time to think about it for very long, as my brain re-asserted dominance over my body.

"Fus Ro Dah!" is what I heard as I was forced against the wall. I turned myself around just in time to avoid getting hit by the sword of a large Draugr. I fought back, despite his large strength and strange ability to push me back with mere words.

I saw an opening after parrying a blow - taking it, I broke his knee cap and then his skull.

My crime had been trespassing to retrieve the dragonstone, and the Draugr had only wanted to be left alone in peace. I put the king back in his casket – it was the most I could do for them.

I left the chamber by a secret exit way, but before leaving the mountain I came across a pedestal with skull on it. This must have been someone close to the king, as it was decorated with several flowers retrieved from the mountain...I left with a smile as I learned that the flowers were still alive.

My eyes were blinded from the bright light, and I had to cover them and allow them adjust for a bit. It had turned day, and I realized that I had been in that place for a whole night. The cold snow that greeted me was much more pleasant than the damp air had been in that labyrinth of caves and traps. I thought about immediately travelling to Whiterun, but despite my occasional stops to rest, I was still exhausted.

Whiterun could wait, I wanted to get to know the populace of Riverwood now that I had the free time to. I decided to check out the trader, see what stocks he had that I could use, however I seemed to have arrived at an inopportune time. I overheard an argument between the owner and his sister - apparently they were the original owners of the golden claw. Lucan, the owner, immediately traded his sour look for one of relief as I pulled it out of my pack. I told him about the bandits in Bleak Falls Barrow and he thanked me with a nice sum of gold, as well as a nice discount on his store.

I saw he had spellbooks on sale and I thought – in a rare moment of childish glee, I will admit – it would be cool if I could shoot a little bit of fire from my hand, and reasoned that it would help make setting up camp fires a lot easier.

I went out of the store to see that a few raiding bandits were attacking the town. I assisted the guards in defeating them, and began travelling to Whiterun.

I met the Wood Elf from before when I arrived in the city - apparently on his own adventures he had seen me go into Bleak Falls Barrow. He thought I would end up dead in there, and seeing me alive surprised him. He then taught me something very very handy - apparently Moonstone ingots can be made by smelting Iron and Steel ingots together.

I thanked him for this knowledge and with his help crafted some Elven armor for future adventures. I sadly didn't have any Quicksilver ingots to make any Elven weapons, however he promised he'd show me how to make them if I ran into him again with Quicksilver on hand - but for now, I'm sitting in the Bannered Mare wearing beautiful and strong Elven armor. You won’t hear any complaints from me in regards to protection for a long while.

I love you, and I hope I haven’t concerned you with what has happened so far. You have no reason to worry – your prayers and replies have assisted me in having the will to continue. If you someday decide to brave the cold, I will show you around Skyrim.



Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 4)

Sorry about the delay (Not that anyone cares or actually follows this :P). A multitude of different games took my time away from skyrim and I had to replay sections to find myself where I was in the story and most importantly Wuulfräd's story.

22nd of Last Seed 4E 201

As evening approached, I left the city to hunt. It'd get me some needed exercise, since I feel so restless whenever I'm in Whiterun. Something always had to be done when I was on my trial of solitude, whether it was hunt for food, cut wood, fend off wolves... I was never out of things to do. I’m sure you understand, my love – your father was very much the same. I wonder how he’s doing?

As I was scouring the land, I came across what looked like two mages having a magic duel. I approached cautiously to figure out if this was a friendly spellcasting contest or if it was a fight for their lives, but as I got a better viewpoint, the picture was much clearer - these two were set to kill.

One was firing ice magic while the other relied on fire. As the battle unfolded the fire mage fell and the ice mage took the advantage, freezing her solid...then looked at me.

As the mage came closer, readying another attack, I saw that it was a female.

I tried stopping her, but she would have none of it.

I had to defend myself. I have never harmed a woman before, let alone killed one, and I made it quick and painless. I walked over to the corpse of the fire mage and noticed that it was also a female. Fighting over a loved one, perhaps? The things people do out of jealousy can be astounding.

I buried them far away from each other, it seeming right at the time.

Night had fallen as I stumbled upon a Giant’s camp...I had never dreamed I'd see an actual giant. I carefully and slowly approached it, not wanting to give off the impression that I was here to attack. Although I was rebuffed, a giant waved his club in a manner that suggested I should leave. I decided to heed his warning without a second thought.

I was told as a boy that Giants are ancient Nords who evolved differently from us. Tales told that they had an amazing skill in battle and their strength was legendary. If Giants truly are the old Nords, I would believe it.

As I make my way up this mountain, I see I am nearing Bleak Falls Barrow. I remember what the Jarl's mage had told me, and I am preparing carefully for what may be ahead.

The snow fall is heavy and I can't see very far, although to cease your worrying, I am warm. I have padded my leather armor with pelts on the inside. Part of me wishes I had made a helmet, but now is not the time for that sort of thinking. I will rest for a while, and then continue.



Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 3)

From here on out I will have a standardized name, dumb of me to name the blog titles different :P, sorry this took so long too. I didn't get much skyrim playing done. Here's a small two day stint. Next time it'll hopefully be bigger. (Also figured out that I should never post blog posts on IE, it messes up the formatting :P)

20th of Last Seed, 4E 201

Dear Beloved,

When I awoke, I left the inn and stumbled across a couple who were arguing. Hearing snippets of the conversation, I learned that something was lost. I spoke to the man out of sympathy, and he explained that bandits had stolen his father’s sword. I assured him that if I came across it, I would return it to him.

I decided to visit Gerdur and Ralof once again. I killed two wolves on my way to Riverwood – I suppose hunting must have taken a back-seat to the political issues. I know you would find it strange how violent they have become. Still, their pelts are useful.

When I arrived in Riverwood, I spoke with Ralof and his sister about the war and what they thought was the reason for worship of Talos being banned, and decided to do some menial woodcutting for Gerdur and Hod in the lumbermill. Have to keep my strength up, almost every day in my trial of solitude involved chopping firewood.

I went to the smithy, and learned the blacksmith’s name was Alvar. He taught me how to work a forge, commenting that I was a natural at it and that he should consider hiring me as his assistance.

I waved off his praise and thanked him for his lessons. I made my own comfortable. It felt good to pick up something as useful as this now that I am no longer alone. I smelted down the old scavenged armor and made my own comfortable studded leather armour, it fits me much better than what I had picked up in Helgen. I said my goodbyes and made my way back to Whiterun, nightfall quickly approaching upon the horizon.

The moon had risen her pale face accompanied by the stars again, and I paid for another night of rest in the Bannered Mare.

21st of Last Seed, 4E 201

Dear Beloved,

As I left my room for another day, I met a travelling Wood Elf. He seemed friendly enough, and noticing the way I had made my own equipment, offered to teach me Elven Smithing. Honoured, I took up his offer immediately and paid attention to his every word.

He was an interesting person. I told him about you - your respects to nature and what you do for a living, he enjoyed in particular. He remarked that he would enjoy your company. He chuckled and added that I didn’t have to pay for my lessons, which I found very generous considering there's a war going on and smiths must be a very busy occupation.

He left as quickly as he came into my life, and as I sit here writing, I ponder where it is he will go next. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, but I thought you would enjoy the idea that an Elf complimented you.




Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 2)

Part 2!

Middas, 19th of Last Seed 4E 201

Dear Beloved,

Today I left Riverwood, saying goodbye to Ralof and Gerdur, thanking them for their hospitality. A detail I forgot to mention to you is that after living in my personal solitude for so long, I have become a bit of a hoarder. My pack was already full of Imperial apparel and weaponry, although none of it is going to waste – I can smelt it down to acquire even better pieces for survival.

I followed the road and climbed to the top of a hill – the view was outstanding. I could see the entirety of Whiterun from where I perched, and – especially after being alone for so long – it looked beautiful. I was longing for more social interaction. Sometimes I just wish I could be with you instead.

My peace was very shortlived, however, as I spotted a Nordic prisoner in the capture of an Imperial patrol group. I approached them about what they were doing, and upon receiving the cold shoulder, felt heavy sympathy for the captive. His plea invoked a rage inside me that was still burning from the incident in Helgen. Forgive me, beloved, but I confess to killing the Imperials - I had to free that man. I placed their bodies at the side of the road in the proper nord burial manner.

He thanked me and I offered him some armour and a sword I had on my person before parting ways. I kept travelling towards Whiterun.

Outside of the town, there was a Khajiit trading camp. I thought about stopping to chat with them, but decided against it. I had to unload my pack before I did any socialising. The sight of them all, however, reminded me of you and your family. I wonder how your trades are doing?

When I arrived at the gates of Whiterun, the guards refused to let me in. I explained the situation in Riverwood, and they gave way, telling me to see the Jarl at Dragonsreach as soon as possible. Hearing quick snippets from certain coversations as I walked, I can piece together that there are some arguments going on between two clans of the town – the Battle-Born and Grey-Manes; that the Imperials are in desperate need of weaponry; and that the worship of Talos was banned. Now I'm not a religious man, but I believe everybody should have the right to practice whatever they believe in. This new Emperor doesn't sound like an Emperor to me, just another puppet. Suddenly I am glad that your family remains in Elsewyr.

With Whiterun’s size, I realized that if I spent all of my time eavesdropping I would not be able to alert the Jarl of Gerdur’s worries before sundown.

I hurried to Dragonsreach, and was stopped by the Housecarl. She was a Dark Elf, which surprised me. Either way I explained to both her and the Jarl that Riverwood may in fact be in danger after the dragon attack in Helgen. Jarl Baalgruf – as I learned was his name – thanked me for the information, and was most surprised by my honesty in telling him that I was captured and ready to be executed. Though he cared not why, which may come to my advantage later. He introduced me to his court magician, whose great interest in dragons deemed me necessary to find a Dragonstone for him.

I left Dragonsreach and was greeted by the night sky. I looked around town for an inn, and rented a room for the evening.

As I lay in this bed, sheltered by the roof of the Bannered Mare, I can only think of you and pray your opinion of me has not changed with the knowledge of the bad things I have done. I was only doing what I thought was right. I hope you understand.




Wuulfräd's Journey (Part 1)

Well, here it is finally. I promised I would write about my journey and exploits in Skyrim if I won it from the kind .I didn't want any other big games in the way when I was playing skyrim so I had to go and finish ME 1 and 2.

Been also kinda putting it off because I am an absolutely terrible writer, but lo. My girlfriend Danielle came to the rescue and helped me write it, and so I have decided to make it in a "mail to beloved" format. As a tribute to her.

Without further ado. Here is Wuulfräd <lastnameWorkInProgress>'s journey back home, to Skyrim!

18th of Last Seed, 4E201

My dearest love,

I am writing this letter to let you know I am back in Skyrim. I've passed the trial of solitude, though if my father found out that I already had you he would probably send me to Morrowind to work for the Dunmer.

However in coming back I had to pass through a trial by fire. As I was entering the land an Imperial war party took me prisoner, confiscated all my belongings and promptly knocked me out for even asking what my crime was.

I was startled awake by the bumpy ride, I tried to move my hands but those bindings were tighter than... Well, I couldn't move them. As I shook my head to get my bearings another unfortunate soul spoke to me. Through back and forth conversation between him and another unlucky prisoner, I learned that I was sharing a cart-ride with a horse thief, Lokir; and a Jarl with one of his personal guards, Ulfric Stormcloak. The name was familiar in my head, but all I could unearth from my head is that he was the Jarl of Windhelm.

Apparently they – that is, Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of an ongoing rebellion against the empire and the follower of his called Ralof - were headed south of Eastmarch. What they were going to do I never got to find out.

We arrived in Helgen and, as much as I hate to alarm you, it was figuratively and literally the end of the line for us all. A female Imperial captain called out the names of the prisoners from a list. The horse thief tried to run upon being called out, but was shot down with arrows. My turn came and the Nord imperial who held the list looked puzzled as my name wasn't on it.

The Imperial captain was very eager to put me in the same group as the stormcloaks though, and my mind thought about escaping - but the corpse of the horse thief reminded me that I wouldn't get far.

The Nord imperial looked at me solemnly and tried to cheer me up by saying “at least you'll be dying in your homeland”.

This is not how I remember my land.

Another prisoner went to the block before me - he died with more honor than any man I had seen before. When my turn came - as I was pushed down with my head rested on the block - I thought I was going to die without seeing your face again…

And then, a dragon attacked. It made the earth tremble with its force as it let out a mighty roar, taking into the skies and attacking us all with flames, sometimes grabbing victims in its large jaws, either devouring them or throwing them to the ground again.

In the chaos, I regrouped with Ralof, the rebel from before. He assisted me in escaping, taking me to the Keep, leading me to the caves below.

I had to kill some of those damned Imperial bastards. I hate to admit it, in case you think of me as some heartless murderer, but I feel no remorse for them. All I wanted to do was leave. I still feel great pleasure in having wiped the smug look off of the captain that seemed more than eager to send me to the block.

There was certainly more than Imperials in those caves. There were goddamned spiders, unnaturally large and venomous; asking villagers, I learned they are Frostbite Spiders. You probably know of them better than I, my dear – you were always the one who took a greater interest in wildlife.

There was also a bear. She was a large beauty, and Ralof’s rather wise idea to avoid her for the time being was one I heeded without hesitation; I was too exhausted to fight such a large creature.

Past the bear was the exit to daylight, and as we travelled down the road, I asked Ralof to inform me of the recent going-ons. Since living in solitude, it seems I have missed a lot of changes. So much can happen in five years, apparently.

In a quiet little town of Riverwood, I met the rebel’s sister, Gerdur. She mentioned that I could stay in her home as long as I needed, and to feel free to eat some of her food as she passed me the key.

Whether it was caused by my abrupt capture, or the fact I almost lost my own life to the Imperials – I feel compelled to help the Stormcloaks, my love. These people seem to need all the help they can get, and I am not about to sit here and let more innocents die for what they believe in.

My apologies for such a long letter, but you did say to tell you everything I could. I will think about you in my travels to come.


Edit: Kinda forgot to mention, My character is a nord.

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