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I save and save often. 2 gigabytes of Skyrim saves. and that's AFTER pruning them of old ones. Now to be fair that sounds like a lot, But it's only 401 files and not all of them are saves. 49 of them aren't at least.

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Dwarf Fortress.

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@shindig said:

It has the definite version of Interational Karate +. So much so that they ported it to the Playstation to provide one of the spaciest CDs ever.

You planning on an Amiga live stream, @jeff?

This. Pretty much this and the better versions of Cannon Fodder

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It's a stick that brings joy! I think it fits perfectly fine.

Now, Joystiq on the other hand, boy that's a dumb fucking name.

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God I just realised how dumb we all are for complaining about new console names. Joystick? Think about how dumb the name for that object is. Who even cares.

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Sent a request, seeing as how you can't name groups/clans/guilds/etc right now and you have already established yours. I'm hoping Space Neon Lobsters will be revived with Corvus muninn's group when it becomes a possibility

Long live Space Neon lobsters!

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Wow, this seems like a super helpful thing. I especially would have loved those NG Black tips. I think I got past her in the end but I still have it unfinished on my 360.

Thanks for making this back in the day Matt :)

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Games abandoned and old are abandonware and hence okay to put up for archival purposes. I don't see how it's hard to understand that.

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Remember what Jeff said?