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Yeah no, I'm not gonna believe an anonymous reddit post until I see empirical proof.

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@shagge said:

I've dated a number of sodas in my day, if you need an adviser for the purpose of accuracy at any point. For example, never tell a soda that it's getting a little flat, or that its glass looks big. It'll only end in fizz-ticuffs.

Fuck I love you.

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Well this was mindbogglingly stupid move by bungie. He's pretty much been there since the start and is a huge reason why Halo is such a celebrated franchise.

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What is with all this necroing lately.

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Maybe if you guys weren't creepy stalkers then the internet would be a better place.

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I only hope more people follow in @shagge shoes and Giantbomb can one day rival RockPaperShotgun pun threads.

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@t0ffe said:

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the drivers handle the changes in temperature when it gets darker! On another note, and kind of off topic, I played some F1 2010 to get a feel for the track. Now granted, I'm no pro driver (I use a controller, not a wheel) but in my race, Vettel won and had a quickest lap with the time 02:03 or something. Now that's about 30(!) seconds slower than the times that the drivers are getting this weekend! I know F1 2010 is a really old game nowadays but is there still such a difference in F1 2013 and real life? I mean, I can understand that I'm not as fast as the real drivers, but 30 seconds seems kinda odd..

I assume it's up to the difficulty, the drivers are slower on the easier ones maybe?

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Missed q1, vettel at 11. Wow

Damm this iPhone

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@karkarov said:

So is there is any interest or is there aint any interest in cruising around sorta kinda old Tamriel with fellow Bombers?

Sorry I have no interest in the game. But can you please explain this sentence? I just can't figure how you ended up with this result.

Called a joke from an old movie. Not everyone gets jokes but I thought I would risk it. I am not really concerned either way because I plan to play regardless but if no one cares no one cares! GiantBomb has never really liked MMO's that much to begin with even if it temporarily pretended to like Guild Wars 2 for like a month or so.

We did play Runes of Magic for a couple of months though, when it went f2p. That was pretty awesome while it lasted :P

Hey now, let's not forget Space Neon Lobsters. Who started when Star Trek Online was in beta.

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$105 million.