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@sessh: Pastor~ Pastor Maldonado ~

Indeed it's good to be back

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@mooseymcman said:

I feel like people should have a place to say things like "Pepsi and Cola taste exactly the same" without being judged.

Pepsi tastes BETTER than Cola!

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@slade- said:

So my friends, do you think doom 4 is going to save FPS genre once for all?

I do believe YES. lets face it. FPS genre has been dumbed down due to fit on consoles but i think from what i have read and heard from Quackcon. its returning to old school roots. something FPS genre badly need.

No regen health

Cover system

iron sight


it has fast paced gameplay too.

what do you think? discuss

I know what you're trying to say, and this just might be an age thing. But two things already listed on this short list of yours are not old school roots. I'll let you figure out what they are.

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As long as you're up for community suggestions:

Of course the tweet is from yourself :P

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Happy Birthday Jeff! Don't OD on that hunkadunk now on your (mario) party

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Seems like our Wiki needs a history function ala Wikipedia so we could just do easy rollbacks to prevent one man control of information and it's flow.

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I still cannot yet fathom why anyone would want LESS information about something.

Sometimes, that information is completely irrelevant to the topic and gets in the way of what people want out of said topic. For example, I had to delete most of the Deathstroke page because it was talking about his comic book history at length. I went to that page to find out what role he played in Arkham Origins. I stand by my deletion, if not the obscene amount of points it netted me.

But it seems we're all in agreement on one thing: where's the damn style guide already?

Then that information should have been under a nested layer then. Atleast it gives the option for the reader to learn at the page he's already at rather than continue on searching for it. As someone said, the wiki with the most information is the one that usually draws traffic.

Hopefully the style guide will include nested/clickable/expandable text boxes for extra info.

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@yummylee said:

Anyway, the idea behind a wiki page having ''too much content'' frankly seems a little absurd to me. A wiki should compile as much relevant information as possible, and suggesting that certain details should be omitted for the sake of other, more specific game wikis comes across as counter-productive. Other wiki sites are ostensibly our competition after all. And of course as already mentioned spoilers are free-game on the wiki and always have been.

As for gameplay strategies, I suppose such information would suit a guide more so than a main page. But to be quite honest I completely forgot Guides even existed. I mean, as if the wiki itself isn't obscure and out of sight enough, never mind the Guides. If the many weapon, enemy and boss listings were to be delegated to the Guides section, then I can't imagine they'd ever get read. And forgive me for the vanity, but I appreciate the thought that my work on the many Resident Evil pages in particular does indeed get read and provides information. I've quite literally never checked out the Guides section before, but after this thread I decided to check out a few pages and, as expected, no Guides have been written. It's quite honestly the sorta feature that I'm surprised to see is still here and hasn't been removed like the Quests, Trivia, and Wiki Tasks.

Besides, where's the harm in outlining an enemy/boss' attacks and patterns anyway? Seems a bit nitpicky to me really, and what I envision what would be suitable for the Guides section has always been something like a complete walkthrough.

In Bold I super agree.

I read the Resident Evil 2 wiki not very long ago and *loved* it.

It is a bad idea to attempt to put a cap on how much info people should write into the wikis. Sort it and categorize it how you want, but having people who love these games enough, can write well enough, and make the time to write all of this is amazing, and one of my favourite parts of this website.

It's so awesome to go read a wiki about a game you haven't played, or a game you did play a long time ago but that became hazy, and read *everything* you remember/want to know.

Those Resident Evil guides, and many others on the site, are almost perfect Archives of the game and I think should serve as a model for pages, rather than be something to avoid.

All of this. I have seen this attempt to stifle wiki writing many times repeat itself throughout various topics concerning the wiki and I'm really tired of it. I still cannot yet fathom why anyone would want LESS information about something.

I'll ask the people who repeatedly keep trying with this silly agenda. Would you want google to be limited in the same way?