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The funniest thing is that we have 0 evidence this game is going to be fun to play in any capacity. Nevermind if it can be a fun FPS exploration racing space sim game. Nevermind the fact that they have to fit all this stuff together in a way that make sense and doesn't feel janky as fuck.

No, the only thing that's certain about star citizen is that they have very effective targeted marketing. They can coast on marketing alone forever too. "Oh no you guys, just you wait until the new module, this will change everything" is something I fully expect to hear 2 years from now still when people, way too invested, can't let go of a bloated game going nowhere.

I managed to try a little of Arena Commander when it was free and let me tell you that the combat is just fine on it's own. So space pew pew is fine already.

@bollard: What engine choice?

I think they're on Cryengine which if I remember some other MMO was also on and it did not fare well. Can't remember what name it had though.

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David Jaffe is the realest game developer out there. I have immense respect for him.

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Jesus. Again with the necros? It's sad seeing all these old names one used to see regularly and think they're all back.

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At this point the hype for this game is reaching critical mass. It's definitely at that point where it's "Too good to be true". I'm deathly afraid of this game falling short of everything it's promised and I can't imagine the meltdown that'd happen if it did.

What do you guys think? Do you hold hope for Star Citizen or are you keeping cautious of it's promises?

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Is this good enough?

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Woah what. Fuck yes! This is fucking awesome. I'm so FUCKING HYPE OMFG!

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Play both mods occasionally. They're extremely good.

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I want the editor back. It's how I did it before because I can't even do it on paint.

Wait...The old picture.


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Truly the pinnacle of fighting games.

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Wait...Are we trying to shame gamers about them buying videogames?

Get the fuck out of here!

@lordxavierbritish said:

Never enough.