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Neat to see an SS13 post on Giantbomb. Maybe we could get a whole station filled with bombers


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Sure, if you buy it for me I'll gladly play it. I enjoyed Postal 1 so I don't see why I wouldn't enjoy this.

Now even if I had money I'm not sure I'd spend it first on this game.

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Nuff said.

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So Postal 1 with better graphics?


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Haha. I remember when this topic came around. I used it a whole bunch, then the site got the random video feature itself and I forgot about it. Now I can start using it again! Hurray! Thanks Matthew for the necro.

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Man, that awkwardness in that room. I could touch it with my hands.

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Good thing this track has lot of run-off areas. Otherwise a lot of cars would have been crashed by now. also poor rosberg.

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I missed most of quali, what's this about Vettel radio drama?

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Tell me when they add private lobbies for friends. Without having to pay