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It's a stick that brings joy! I think it fits perfectly fine.

Now, Joystiq on the other hand, boy that's a dumb fucking name.

@brendan said:

God I just realised how dumb we all are for complaining about new console names. Joystick? Think about how dumb the name for that object is. Who even cares.

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Sent a request, seeing as how you can't name groups/clans/guilds/etc right now and you have already established yours. I'm hoping Space Neon Lobsters will be revived with Corvus muninn's group when it becomes a possibility

Long live Space Neon lobsters!

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Wow, this seems like a super helpful thing. I especially would have loved those NG Black tips. I think I got past her in the end but I still have it unfinished on my 360.

Thanks for making this back in the day Matt :)

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Games abandoned and old are abandonware and hence okay to put up for archival purposes. I don't see how it's hard to understand that.

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Remember what Jeff said?

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Yes, good. Now just arrest and set up a dedicated firing squad for the rest of those groups.

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To absent friends...

To absent friends indeed.

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The funniest thing is that we have 0 evidence this game is going to be fun to play in any capacity. Nevermind if it can be a fun FPS exploration racing space sim game. Nevermind the fact that they have to fit all this stuff together in a way that make sense and doesn't feel janky as fuck.

No, the only thing that's certain about star citizen is that they have very effective targeted marketing. They can coast on marketing alone forever too. "Oh no you guys, just you wait until the new module, this will change everything" is something I fully expect to hear 2 years from now still when people, way too invested, can't let go of a bloated game going nowhere.

I managed to try a little of Arena Commander when it was free and let me tell you that the combat is just fine on it's own. So space pew pew is fine already.

@bollard: What engine choice?

I think they're on Cryengine which if I remember some other MMO was also on and it did not fare well. Can't remember what name it had though.