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So far there are 3 reasons to buy a ps3 for a hardcore gamer that doesn't want to spend too much money: Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2 and BluRay Support.
I'm just waiting for Gran Turismo 5 to come out (GT Prologue doesn't count) for it to be definitely worth it.
But if you're not interested in MGS4 and GT5, then no. And, of course, only get it if you already have a 360 cos PSN is a joke compared to xbox live.

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This points sistem is ridiculous because it forces people to use cheap strategies.
They should have separate styles of points like ranked points and social points.

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I used to play NFS, but after I got really into Gran Turismo 2, that's the only racing series I've been playing ever since.
The other franchises feel like child's play in comparisson to GT. I'm not a fanboy, I tried to play every NFS that came out in a hope that I would like it again cos' Ireally love that sense of speed, but I just couldn't. Not even Forza 2 changed my mind.
I would really love to see NFS return to it's roots because that's the game that made me a driving  fan.

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Yes, the 360 is more expensive but it's worth it. I'd rather buy three 360's than one ps3. The playstation network is a joke compared to xbox live. And I too was a fanboy of the ps3, but I'm not buying one just to play metal gear (which i'm a fan of).

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What about the percentage of people who have completed all 1000 points in this game like me.
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