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The Bombcast won't be the same without Vinny =(

Nonetheless, I wish Vinny all the best in New York!

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That was great! Felt bad for Brad after Alex said blowing up that donkey was the most exercise Brad had got in awhile, and also finding out that he placed 12th in that badge collecting quest. Oh, and captaininvictus, you're question was good.

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  • Man of Steel: $48.9 million
  • Monsters University: $77.6 million
  • World War Z: $40.2 million
  • Total: $166.7 million
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This looks awesome! Hope it's not as linear as FFXIII was.

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That seems pretty expensive but I'm a huge Batman fan and would not  mind shelling out the extra 40 bucks.

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Very nice chart, glad I have a PS3 ;)

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RE5 is definitely going to be one of the hottest selling titles for the first quarter of the year.

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System of a Down and Godsmack

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Hey aemaeth, welcome to GB!

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twenty0ne said:
"I'm just a little perturbed, because when the site first opened up, I spent hours creating character pages, and now they're all getting rejected because apparently someone submitted them before me. Don't you think that GB should offer some kind of consolation points for submitting a quality article to the site, even if a request for the page was already pending?

I mean, I spend/spent hours on these submissions - how was I supposed to know that someone submitted them before me when GB's records still indicated the page doesn't exist? Now I'm afraid to create any pages, because it will most likely be a waste of my time, and I'll just end up with a big fat "rejected." Also, I can't imagine I'm the only one disappointed at this...
I totally agree with you. Happened to me a couple of times and it was really annoying.