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Simply, before playing Gemini Rue, Kotor had my favorite plot twist. But I believe GR has it right now. I couldn't see it coming at all before the point  it was revealed and that' what I really like about it. The point behind this thread is that if you haven't played this game yet, I recommend you to play it only to reveal the big secret. The game's story might not sound interesting at first, but after some point, you will see how video games can still tell a story that's absolutely worth hearing. 

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Well, I remember I was a scared about the last level, since everyone complained about it, but I personally didn't find it that hard very much when I reached it. TBH, last level was the only part of the game that provided a little bit of challenge which is a good thing. 
But there are two things that I didn't like about the game.  
First, it was how hard some figments were to reach. For example, I remember spending half an hour in the levitation ball race level to get a single piece of figment which was very annoying and boring and I had to use walk-through in the end. Since most of the figments are along you way and there's no problem reaching them, it's kinda annoying to see that some of them are so hard to see and find.  
Second, it was the very disappointing bonus movie that got unlocked by reaching the highest rank ( 100 ). It wasn't truly worth the effort at all. I though it's going to be something awesome.  
But except those two little things, I believe Psychonauts is the best platformer I have ever played ( there aren't much platformers on PC though ) and I think everyone should play it. 

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@aztek the lost: Well, thanks. Guess that's my problem too. All Whiskey Media websites share the same technical problems and advantages I guess.
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@protomessiah: First and foremost, thanks for the answer.  
I want my review to be labeled as the PC version not the X360 version, because those versions are different and my review might be misleading. I don't feel comfortable about it too. So I prefer it not to be shown rather than being shown as a X360 version review of the game. 
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I don't want to sound annoying, but seriously after 20 days of posting this thread and and two times of upping it, it's really sad to see that I din't get even a single reply. I don't think this problem is very complicated and I explained it as much as I could. So please at least tell me it can't be solved. It's better than no answer at all. 

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I posted a review of the Risen here a while ago and yesterday, I decided to add some more reviews, but since I wanted them to be in a certain order, I deleted Risen review, added the other ones and tried to resubmit the review and unfortunately, it won't happen. When the loading screen appears when I click on the submit button , it gets suddenly stopped. Of course, I can see that my review is counted both in my profile and Risen't page, but it just doesn't get shown.  
And BTW, I am using Google Chrome and Windows 7 if that's any help.  
Thanks in advance. 

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Well, I don't own a controller and never had the need for it.  ( Even for racing games or console ports or even Super Meat Boy. ) 
I think Keyboard and mouse are ideal for any kind of game in any kind of genre. Of course, there are some games that are easier to play with a controller, but it's not like you can't play them decently with K&M. 

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This and Risen 2 are my most anticipated games right now. 

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It might be a bit late to answer this, but I strongly believe that you need to finish Gothic 3 before playing FG. Since FG is a smaller and totally an inferior version of Gothic 3, there is no point to consider it an alternative for it. Finish Gothic 3 and if you felt you still need more of it and also you don't want to replay the game, play FG with the latest patch.