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I really enjoyed the whole season. It's pretty par for the course to have the 'light vs dark' storyline, but it's rare to find it done in such a subtle personal way. The tiny details make this show, things they barely even draw attention to, but still have quite a substantial impact on the identity of the situation and the characters. Plus that 6 minute tracking shot in the biker episode was one of the best bits of cinema I've seen in a long time!

I've not read the entire thread so I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but the Yellow King and Carcosa all have ties to a book written by Robert chambers. All the quotes we heard throughout the season "strange is the night when black stars rise, in Carcosa" "Take off your mask" are all taken from it. It seems odd that they didn;t address any of that in the last episode, so I'm wondering if that will be the through-line throughout the other seasons.

Also it's slightly cheesey, I know, but I did like how in the last shot, only 2 stars were initially visable with more and more coming into sight as the shot went on.

Anyway, bring on season 2!

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@grizzledwolf: First I'd try to force Steam to re-update itself by goin ginto your Steam directory and deleting the ClientRegistry.Blob, don't worry this won't affect your games etc, this will just make Steam force itself to update.

Next I'd se if it's a hardware failure by going into my computer, and right clicking the drive in which your Steam is installed to, and running an error check on the hdd: Rigt click>Properties>Tools>Error Checking>Check now.

Hope it's not hardware failure! Hope it's just Steam being Steam :)

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Interesting concept, but I don't see it being true. Male and Female aren't 'stages' they are opposites and part of a whole. That's how everything in nature works. I'd recommend you react suspicious ;)

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@tireyo said:

What it reads and really is: Donkey Kong Country: Diddy's Kong Quest

What I read: Donkey Kong Country: Diddy Kong's Quest

Man! I've been reading that title wrong for years! Also I just got the play on words!

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I kind of have a different perspective on this: Personally I didn't really enjoy this game as much as I thought I would (after loving the hell out of ATDD). The story was interesting and the setting was very creepy, but the gameplay really let it down for me. The dangerous monster encounters (which there are only a handful, most of the time when you see an enemy you are safely behind a scripting wall) were not as tense as the previous game's. In fact I don't remember a single time in A Machine for Pigs where I was truly scared, either by a jump scare or sheer terror at a monster. It is a good game but it feels (thematically) more like a Dear Esther than a true sequel to The Dark Descent, with much more down-time and safety.

I cannot wait for Frictional to try their hand at an Amnesia again. In my eyes, those guys are still the true masters of the horror game genre :)

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You should turn shadows to medium and unit detail or high or very high (down from extreme) also unit size down to large also helps. From what I've read this game uses the cpu is some very inefficient ways. With those settings turned down (and alpha veg off of course) im getting, on average, above 40fps with everything else on extreme.


i7 950 at stock settings

gtx 660ti 3gb

4gigs ram

win 7 64-bit

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Loving it so far. Been playing co-op campaign with my friend, and even though we've had a few desyncs it seems that replacing the save file still works as a fix.

There are a lot of bugs at the moment but this is a great game. When CA bring out a few more fixes this should be a very solid Total War game.

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I remember playing R&F when it first came out, but I didn't play it for too long. I remember it feeling very much like a lower mid-tier game of the era. Not quite a full RTS and definitly not the best TPS (Third-Person-Stabber?). The idea of running around on the ground with your soldiers was interesting in concept but I feel that it comes off, in most games that attempt it, as a bit of a gimmick. Even in the newest game to try (divinity dragon commander) they don't get it 100% right.

All that said I do have some big nostagia for the early 2000's grungy, muddy textures and awkward animations :) and the stuff they were trying back then was awesome and crazy, even if some of it didn't hit the target. Good find though, I had completly forgotten about this game. It came out around the same time as that other weird RTS that had a similar title. It was kind of steam-punkish. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of it.

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Dude! If that's true I'm gonna be a happy f****** panda! If it's anywhere near as open as Medieval 2 (Stainless Steel mod was awesome) then we should get some good stuff :)

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Both Ryan Davis and Alex Navaro have been known to be quite abbrasive and rude in the giantbomb panels too! But they didn't get the hate that Phil Fish has achieved.

Who cares if he's a dick to people or not? You don't have to be his friend to like his games.

E.G: Tom Cruise is an insanely crazy, and dangerous, human being, but I can still like his movies.