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The kitchen. I never would have thought a tablet would be the perfect companion for my kitchen.

  • Stands on an eye-level shelf or can be mounted to a cabinet door
  • Doesn't sacrifice counter space for a laptop/keyboard
  • Easy to clean or use a stylus when things get messy. No keyboard crumbs/spills!
  • Recipe apps/sites, YouTube tutorials, GiantBomb Video buddy to educate and entertain

On a more subjective note, after a while it just became too much of a hassle to make sure my MacBook Pro was charged, opened, and logged in when I can rely on my iPad to have a charge and immediately be useful.

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Oh my god, it's...Mini Caravella

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HexaGonz on Social Club, I'll be on 360 too

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Worked there for 7 years at two different locations (and opposite ends of the spectrum). When I first started out, it was at a low-volume store. With all that dead time we usually just ended up trying to beat each other's Road Rage scores in Burnout 3. The second store was the complete opposite and more like an actual job (go figure) where numbers mattered. That being said, we still had time to do stupid stuff like cutting Guy Fieri's face out of the manual for Minute to Win It on Wii and paste it over the faces of John Marston on Red Dead Redemption, or whoever graced the cover of NCAA Football that year. It was tough getting it to fit inside the helmet.

tl;dr - the job is what you make of it. It can be fun or it can be hell. Just enjoy it before you get a REAL job (I'm a car salesman now and I want to stab my fucking eyes out).

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Stop yer grinnin' and drop yer linen!

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Thanks for the add. I'm USA GMT -5 (EST). I'm an evening player and open to squad up with anyone who asks.

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It sounds promising and the DLC potential is enormous, but can you use the 360 headset if you don't want to buy a Rock Band-style mic?

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Well written! I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on a more traditional game like Resident Evil 5. I would try it myself but my GameStop has sold out.

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nothing can top a king-sized Zero