Delving Into the Past

Re-Volt is craaazy!
Yesterday my friend and I were looking for a good game to play, and we decided to pull out a game I loved from the PSX days. The game was Re-Volt. If you haven't heard of it, Re-Volt is an RC racing game made by Acclaim. It's very similar to Mario Kart, in that you race around tracks while collecting power-ups which can than be used on enemies or, in some cases, on yourself. I forgot how much fun it could be until playing through it yesterday. My friend and I are planning on beating it over the next few days, though I don't know if we'll actually go through with that or not. My disc is scratched to shit though. The game plays fine, but the soundtrack skips all the time, and that's really annoying, so I think I'm going to go into the options and turn the music off. By the way, this game is now free on the PC, so if you can find it on the interbutts I definitely recommend giving it a try. Though when I tried to download it I couldn't get it to run on Vista, so that was kind of disappointing. At least my PSX version mostly works!

In other news, I posted a list of my favorite games of all time with a short description of why I like each game so much, so if that interests you then check it out. I also ordered a game off of eBay, since I haven't purchased something new to play in two months. I suppose I'll wait until it gets here before I reveal what it is. Suspense!