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I think for a lot of people who dislike anime, they haven't actually experienced any of it and just assume that all of it is exactly like the stereotypes. Perhaps they don't understand that there is a lot of it that is nothing like what they believe it to be like.
It's something I've talked about with my brother, me being a big anime fan and him just hating it, he tells me he has no interest in it because of the art style and because it's stupid. There is definitely a common art style amongst most anime but that isn't to say you don't have shows which diverge from it; for example the recent  Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei. Additionally, saying it's "stupid" isn't a valid argument. What exactly is stupid about it? Ask that to an anime hater and they won't be able to come up with anything concrete, because they haven't actually experienced it. That or they'll say "the fans", which is silly because last time I checked I was asking what they disliked about anime as a medium :P
I personally am a big anime fan, I think I go into the deep end of it more than some more casual fans and I definitely enjoy watching the stereotyped anime that people love to loath. What I see in it depends on the show.

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There was a time when I preferred manga, but as of probably around five months ago I started shifted a lot more heavily into anime. The problem is that I like to purchase my manga, and a lot of the manga that I'm interested in hasn't been localized. On the other hand, virtually all of the anime I'm interested in has been localized, so I wound up buying more anime and less manga as time went on and now it's at the point where I don't purchase manga as often anymore yet I always have a new anime to watch.
I also started following the seasons as their air in Japan which I didn't do at first. So I've just started spending a lot more time on anime that I used to spend on manga.

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When Rhythm Zone launched on Steam not that long ago, there were a lot of people bashing it as a terrible game. A lot of the complaints were legitimate. Notecharts that seem to have little to do with the songs that you import, no way to track your scores unless you go into the leaderboard which is very out of the way, no unicode support, converting your song files to large .wav files so that it can read them, etc etc etc. It had numerous faults and was generally disliked.
None of that affected me all that much, but for those that it did, an update has released fixing numerous problems. Large .wav files are no longer stored on your PC. The song results screen shown after completing a track shows your score place on the leaderboards. While actually playing the game, your old high score is shown in-game so that you have a target. This now puts it in line with other Steam music-infused games like Audiosurf and Beat Hazard.
The notecharts? Still not always that great. The problem isn't really with their system of creating notecharts. If you give the game a simple, beat-heavy song then it'll give you a notechart that remains relatively faithful to that track, more faithful the simpler it is. If you give it a complex technical death metal song, the game won't quite understand what to do with all the noise. It depends entirely on the tracks, you can't expect an automated system to decipher complex music and form a notechart out of it.
Of course, that means that it's a concept flawed from the get-go. However, not everyone is concerned about accurate charts. Those who are will stick to the likes of Frets on Fire for their Guitar Hero knock-off rhythm gaming. For those who want something easy and that will play virtually any song in their library, Rhythm Zone offers that experience.
If you understand that you won't always be getting accurate notecharts but still want to play some GH to your music library, consider giving it a shot.

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I actually am a huge fan of the Naked Brothers and are incredibly happy to see some of their stuff offered as DLC. I know I will be downloading it immediately upon release and playing the hell out of it =D