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A port equal to its brothers; the Wii's definitive rhythm game 0

 Rocking out in your living rooms has become an activity which is made available on a yearly basis. Rock Band 2 is the latest in a long line of titles that spawned from the original Guitar Hero which sparked and revitalized rhythm game interest in North America and in Europe. Starting with initially strictly guitar based gameplay, soon the games opened up to bass and then with the original Rock Band there came drums as well as vocals. The problem with the original Rock Band on the Wii is that it...

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Buttery 0

 You're walking down a hall, bars on either side. Evidently a jail. Professional skaters look on as you walk, the captured convicts, peering out at you as you pass them to your freedom. You walk along and out of the building, and it's done -- you're released. You've served your sentence and now here's a man waiting for you outside of prison, and the first thing he does is kicks you your skateboard back. You are now back in business.It's been a while though, you're a little rusty. You've gotta co...

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Maya is so cute I wanna marry her lol 0

Phoenix Wright: “So, Judge, as you can see, there is no doubt that the witness is guilty. They left prints, they were caught on security cam, they left behind a belonging of their own; obviously, it his he, and not my client, who is guilty! What say you to that, Judge?”Witness: “Uhh! ACK! EEK! DAMN IT! NO! RUINED! RUUUIIINNNEEDDD!!!”Judge: “… eh. I need to see more proof. Prosecution, will you call your next witness?”Witness: “… ah, yes, you see, I am not guilty! Evidently!”Phoenix Wright: “oh w...

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Avada Kedavra! 0

It is important for me to note beforehand that for some bizarre reason GiantBomb continues to reset my score to a three star rating. My intended rating is a single star and a half! Sorry for the confusion.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is… over. Or at least, it might as well be.You see, you get to experience most everything the game has to offer within its initial thirty minutes; by the time you're settled in at Hogwarts and have begun the endless sea of fetch-quests. Past that, it's ...

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Man am boden! 0

It's a gut move. You've got them in your crosshairs, they're moving… towards a tank. They're gonna try and get into the tank. Forward your aim to the rear of the tank, as expected there they are. Fire off a single shot, and they drop. All of a sudden, your screen becomes red and you hear your own heavy breathing.Crouch. Wait a couple seconds, regenerate, crawl over the grass to the right a bit behind these gravestones, and pop back up. The shot that hit you was fired from the upper right hand co...

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Kick Push 0

The bearings are still rolling as the board flips. It's a kickflip, his foot slides up and kicks down to demonstrate such. It's rolling now, and his feet are hovering… wait, no, one foot comes down! And up! Underflip, repelling the other way now, feet lifting a little higher. The board completes its rotation while still in the air, and the skater lays his feet across the griptape. Pressure down and land, roll away. Kickflip Underflip.Imagine that concentrated awesome and win. Now imagine blowing...

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